How cold is too cold to install Windows?

Almost every property has windows.

They are one of the weakest parts in the structure, as they can be damaged due to exposure to the environment or mechanical factors. There is no reason to doubt that such a window will quickly fail.

At what minimum temperature is it permissible to carry out installation work?

Often people think about replacing or installing windows when the cold season is coming. It will be extremely uncomfortable to work in such conditions. Manufacturers and specialists involved in the installation of modern windows note that installation is possible at an ambient temperature not lower than 15 degrees Celsius, and even under this set of circumstances it will be extremely problematic to work. There will be no problems if you install windows at a temperature of minus ten degrees, but for this you will need to use a special foam and other specialized substances that ensure the tightness of the window unit.

Changing windows in winter is not the best solution, so it is advisable to perform this work during the autumn season. You can have full confidence that this will achieve the desired result with less time and money. You should not do this work on your own, especially at low temperatures outside. This will require special tools and building mixtures. It is easier to contact a specialized company, the cost of which services will be acceptable to you. Employees of the organization will appreciate the facility and the scope of work, will be able to immediately announce the cost of cooperation. This is the only correct option when the cold came, and the windows need to be urgently replaced with new ones.

Summing up

Change the window is before the onset of the winter season. This allows you to carry out all the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. The minimum temperature at which windows can be installed is minus fifteen degrees Celsius, however, work in such conditions will be very complicated, so it will not be possible to do it quickly. Otherwise, there will be no problems with the use of special foam and other building materials that are focused on use at low temperatures.

To achieve good quality installation is quite realistic even in the winter season. The main thing is to choose a reliable company with experienced staff. Of course, the cost of cooperation will also play an important role, so prices for services should be negotiated in advance in order to protect against possible troubles.


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