How do you seal a cracked window?

If you are the owner of the property, you should pay special attention to the condition of the windows.

It happens that the double-glazed windows are damaged, and the presence of cracks leads to depressurization of the window, its fogging, as well as deterioration of strength properties. Of course, in such a situation it is worth contacting a specialized company and using the services of replacing double-glazed windows.

In this case, experienced staff will arrive at the facility, make measurements, order the production of the necessary glass unit, and then install it in their regular place. The problem is that sometimes it is impossible to make such repairs in one day, so you have to deal with significant time costs and use the window in the state in which it is at the current time.

How to seal a cracked window?

If a double pane window was mechanically damaged, then before replacing it, every effort should be made to restore the window tightness or at least to prevent the complete destruction of the glass. To do this, you can glue it with clerical tape or silicone glue, wait for it to solidify, and only then close it. Much depends on the degree of damage to the window unit, so repair will not always be required. If the crack on the glass is relatively small, does not cause inconvenience for its presence, except for the limitations in the operation of the window, then you can just wait until the craftsmen do the repair work. In case the crack is large enough, in this case temporary repair may be required.

If you need to close the window, regardless of whether you repaired it or not, you should do it as smoothly as possible and without sudden movements. Any blow to the sash can aggravate the situation, up to the complete destruction of the cracked glass. With the appearance of small mechanical defects, the margin of safety of the glass unit begins to decline significantly. Close the window as smoothly as possible and without sudden movements. As soon as you manage to do this, try once again to prevent it from opening and any intensive use. Remember that any careless movement resulting in a blow to the cracked glass will contribute to its further destruction. Only with careful handling will it be possible to have confidence that the glass will last until the glass unit is replaced.


There are widespread situations when, for any reason, window glass is cracked. In most cases, it can be closed, but all movements should be smooth and careful. If possible, the defect should be treated with glue or scotch, and after fixing the crack, close the flap. Remember that all these are temporary measures, and ultimately you will have to seek help from a specialized company. Fortunately, their number is considerable, so getting qualified help in our time has become much easier than it was before.


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