How do you secure a broken window?

Almost any property has windows, and they are the most vulnerable to mechanical stress.

Even a modern window from a well-known manufacturer can be broken for certain circumstances. The slightest awkward movement can lead to the deformation of the glass, which will require its subsequent replacement. There may be tricks of the vandals who just want to hurt, breaking the window to his enemy.

Regardless of what may happen with the windows, you should carefully treat them and try in every way to protect against defects in order to extend the maximum operating period. No matter how hard modern manufacturers try, it is still not possible to achieve substantial strength of window units, especially if we are talking about budget products that are most in demand among consumers.

How to protect the window?

Many people resort to installing gratings. This option is far from being the most practical and efficient, and serves mostly so that intruders, breaking a window, cannot get inside the room. Also modern double-glazed windows of increased strength are not easy to break, for example, with a small stone, but the lattice will allow protecting access to the window for using more massive tools with the purpose of breaking it. To resort to such a decision or not is an individual matter. In any case, it is possible to increase the security of not only windows, but also the entire property. Recently, forged grilles with a margin of safety and a decent appearance have become in demand, so it will be quite easy to find a decent option.

Protective films. Relatively recently, transparencies appeared on the market, which are used to book glass packs. They are completely transparent, which allows not to reduce the efficiency of penetration into the premises of natural lighting. They have a glue base, can be glued inside and outside the window. You can also use tint films if you want to reduce the intensity of natural lighting indoors. Such a film is inexpensive, allows you to slightly increase the strength of the glass, as well as prevent it from splitting into small pieces when it is broken by a heavy object. This is another way to improve the security of the window and its strength at the same time. The solution is good because the film is inexpensive, and you can apply it yourself.

Summing up

The strength of modern glass units is significantly higher than simple glasses that were used in the glazing of old-style window windows. Despite this, if you wish, you can break them. Above, we pointed out the simplest, most affordable and effective ways to increase the strength of glass, which will help reduce the risk of its damage in the event of mechanical impact. Of course, it is worth making efforts so that the windows are operated in a moderate mode, they are far from people who might wish to break them. If, however, the window is damaged, then you can simply resort to replacing the glass, asking for help from a specialized company.


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