How do you tape a cracked window?

Even the best quality windows from famous manufacturers are not insured against mechanical damage.

This component of real estate is one of the most vulnerable. A considerable number of events can occur that can lead to cracking of a glass unit. This circumstance leads to the adoption of appropriate decisions to temporarily restore the tightness of the window and be able to use it. In the future, in any case, you will have to contact a specialized company, since this is the only way to restore the window unit to its original state and continue operation in normal mode. Practice shows that every year there is an increasing number of special tools for such repairs.

Popular ways to seal cracked windows

Remember that regardless of the chosen method of repairing a cracked window, it is worth preparing the surface to be treated. A cracked window should be thoroughly washed using a special detergent. Next, you will need to go through a clean cloth to remove residual moisture and at the same time the slightest contamination. It is important to achieve complete removal of dust and any fat deposits, since otherwise the adhesive will simply not work effectively. As soon as the glass is completely dry, it should be degreased again. To do this, you can use acetone, alcohol, or a synthetic fabric that does not leave the slightest villus on the glass surface.

Silicone glue will help in the restoration of cracked glass. It can be applied very simply and quickly, achieving a renewed tightness. Such glue can be found in most hardware stores, and it will be inexpensive. You can apply the composition directly from the original packaging or use syringes. It is worth ensuring that no air bubbles get inside the seam, as this will break the seam strength. Depending on the characteristics of the selected glue, it will freeze from twelve hours to a day. After that, you can cover the seam with a small layer of clear lacquer to increase its strength.

The composition of the foam, acetone and turpentine

You need to find a small glass container and mix it with acetone from turpentine in the ratio of one to three. After that, it remains only to chop the foam in the resulting mixture. The less you add it, the faster the reaction will proceed. The resulting composition should be thoroughly mixed and wait until the foam to dissolve. This will allow to obtain a transparent adhesive substance at the exit, which is excellent for glass repair, as it hardens quickly and is not afraid of interaction with the external environment.

If the cracks in the glass are small, then to repair them you can use the usual nail polish, of course, you need to choose a transparent one. This protection will be enough to stop the further destruction of the glass. Of course, such a repair will be of a purely temporary nature, and in the future in any case it will be necessary to replace the glass unit with a new one. If you need to restore the window as quickly as possible, eliminating the cracks, and only scotch is at hand, then it can be used. It is advisable to glue the place of damage on both sides in order to secure the glass and prevent its further destruction.


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