How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

Windows are one of the most unprotected areas of any property, so sometimes they are deformed.

You can solve the problem of a broken window by resorting to the services of qualified specialists specializing in repair work. In this case, the window can be quickly restored to its original state. It so happens that there is no financial means or time to properly repair the window, so you have to take temporary measures. Practice shows that there are many ways to fix a broken window on their own, but this will only remove the need for the services of the masters, without getting rid of the problem for a long time.

How can repair be done?

If the window is not completely broken, and chips appeared on the glass, then they can be simply stuck. This will restore the tightness of the opening for some time and slow down the process of separation of glass in the future. For these purposes, you can use transparent tape, as it has good adhesives, can be used for quite a long time when in contact with the external environment. Of course, before gluing it, the surface must be well cleaned and degreased, and the broken glass should be glued on both sides. Remember that from the outside the adhesive tape will come off the fastest, especially if it is rainy outside or winter time.

You can also use silicone adhesives, which are also transparent. The main feature here is that the glue penetrates into the cracks, filling them and simultaneously gluing pieces of glass together. This is done quite simply and quickly. Such adhesive mixtures are inexpensive, and repairs can be made on their own. Practice shows that this method makes it possible to temporarily restore the integrity of the glass, at least for a couple of weeks. Of course, in the future, the glass unit will need to be replaced. The choice of the adhesive composition should also be approached responsibly. Prefer proven products of famous brands.

What if the window glass is badly damaged?

If the window glass is almost completely absent due to a strong impact, then in this case it is necessary to replace it with something. You can often see damaged windows that are covered with plywood or plastic sheets. If you can find a transparent plastic sheet, it will be fine. How to fasten such material depends on the windows and what they are made of. Of course, you should not spoil the fastener design of the window frame, as in the future then you have to completely change the window unit.

You can apply temporary measures; for example, use some kind of glue, tape and other materials that do not harm the window frame structure. In any case, all these are temporary measures, and in the end you will need to be puzzled by the replacement of glass. It is impossible to do this on your own if there is no experience in this matter and a specialized tool. It makes sense to contact a specialized company for qualified assistance.


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