How long should double pane windows last?

Recently, double pane windows have become the most sought-after, as they have an excellent price-quality ratio.

It is these products that are actively bought for durable use, so that later they will not be faced with replacing windows almost every year. Modern plastic and wooden window blocks can boast a very long operational period. They are made from high-quality raw materials with modern equipment, and manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 40 years on their products. From this we can conclude that the life of the glass can be about the same duration.

What is the lifetime of modern windows?

Understanding the topic of this question even superficially, it becomes obvious that there is no definite answer here. Even under the condition that two identical glass units are taken from the same manufacturer and installed within the same real estate object, the operational period will be different. Much depends on the conditions in which products will be operated, with what intensity and how carefully they will handle windows. If you follow all the rules for the routine maintenance of window units, you can count on the service life of several decades. Of course, sometimes there is manufacturing defects, which can reduce this period at times.

High-quality windows from famous manufacturers can serve for decades, while maintaining the original appearance and specifications. They do not grow cloudy, do not depressurize, which means that they do not fog up and do not prevent the penetration of natural light into the room. Every year the demand for these products increases precisely because of the fact that the windows can serve for years without causing any complaints. Practice shows that the replacement of double-glazed windows is often done precisely because of mechanical damage. If one of the glasses will be broken, then you will need to carry out work on the replacement of the entire structure.


Modern double pane windows serve ten and many times more years, but only when they are used in a favorable environment. It is worth trying to provide maximum protection against mechanical damage. For this there are special films that are completely transparent, but at the same time allow increasing the strength of the glass unit several times. If the windows are operated not very carefully and intensively enough, the probability of their premature failure is increased.

Choosing products of such a plan, you should give preference to products of famous manufacturers who are ready to give a guarantee on their products. There is no reason to worry that glass packs in a year or three years will require replacement if you initially choose a good product and monitor its proper operation. Contact specialized companies to install window blocks made strictly by technology. This is the only opportunity to be sure that the windows will last a long time and retain their original appearance.


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