How to deal with fungus?

The owners of wooden windows in the framework of their real estate are constantly forced to maintain them in a decent technical condition, as otherwise the operational period will be significantly reduced. Wooden windows from well-known manufacturers have a rather long service life, but if they are properly maintained. The fungus has a negative effect on wood, destroying its structure. In the course of his life, he himself forms the environment for even faster development. All this leads to the fact that the integrity is simply violated.

The fungus can be of different types, but in any case it will negatively affect the condition of the windows made of natural wood. As soon as they are under its influence, the design rapidly loses its strength and aesthetic qualities. The tree simply dries out and becomes rotten.

The fungus begins to progress only in the event of the manifestation of high humidity, since this is the ideal environment for its development. If there are cracks or other defects in wooden windows, they are not treated with paint or varnish, they are constantly exposed to water, then the formation of a fungus will not have to wait long, as its spores are in the air and immediately attracted to a favorable environment. If appropriate measures are not taken in a timely manner, the situation will continue to deteriorate, so you should not be inactive.

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Often the fungus is confused with termites and other insects that feed on dry wood. Insects leave behind the voids in the windows, so it will be extremely easy to determine their presence. As for termites, they can easily be confused with the influence of the fungus, however, termites like a more humid environment, so in another case they will not be interested in wooden windows, no matter from which raw materials they were made.

How to prevent fungus?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the fungus is to remove the source of high humidity. If rain water constantly gets on the windows, they are not hermetic, condensate accumulates, and then the wood will absorb moisture, creating the necessary conditions for the activity of fungi. The main thing is to correctly determine the reason that the windows are constantly damp and eliminate the source of high humidity. If there is no experience in this business, then you should seek the help of professionals.

It so happens that the wood is simply not processed, so it absorbs even the slightest moisture. This leads to its destruction and the creation of a favorable environment for the development of the fungus. In this case, you need to use specialized impregnations that will destroy the fungus. After that, the windows need to be painted or opened with varnish to ensure their subsequent protection against the fungus. As you can see, in any case, it will be necessary to avoid moisture, because otherwise the fungus will progress anyway.


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