How to evaluate the quality of wooden window glass

There are some quality criteria according to can be done the quality analysis before it immediately installation after purchasing.

For example, you can find out how high-tech this product is. It’s easy to figure out, just look at the glass unit and evaluate its purity. Ideally, both the glass and the profile should be clean and free from stains.

With modern production of double-glazed wooden window, the workers practically have no direct contact with them and the presence of stains is excluded. If such marks are found, then, quite possibly, the production took place in violation of standard technology.

Glass examination before installation

Before you install a wooden window, you must carefully examine it. The inner part of the glass, as well as the outer, should not have fingerprints and dirt. Glasses must enter glass unit evenly.

The indent at the first glass from the edge should not be less than 4 mm. When evaluating a glass unit, you can also check its real profile thickness.

Sealant on the glass is always present but if the product is high quality, the composition will never get dirty and leave traces. It will be firm and durable. If the sealant leaves traces, you can already contact the manufacturer.

Main reasons for window problems

Most window problems occur for two reasons. The first reason is the desire to save on the window as much as possible. People buy suspiciously cheap wooden window and then complain that their profile is too thin. But what could have been expected if the cost of a window was two or even three times lower than in the market? Manufacturers, of course, can do discounts and hold promotions but they do not offer such low prices. Buying cheap window, many consumers do not even check the reliability of the company. Low price works really fascinating. People tend to make a purchase faster until they are ahead.

The second reason why there are problems with double-glazed window is a poor-quality installation. Professional teams usually work directly from the manufacturer. Large companies have such specialists but you have to pay extra for good work. Many consumers are not ready for this, they want to save at least on the installation. As a result, then you have to overpay.

In order not to make common mistakes, you should always pay attention to the company's reputation and trust window installation only to specialists. Before installation, you must also check the sticker on the window glass. If it comes off easily, then the glass is of high quality. But if the sticker is already stuck, as it should, then this is not a good sign.

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