How To Insulate Windows for Winter

Even good quality plastic windows, made of United States profile, require periodic maintenance. Without that, your windows will not last long.

And it's very important to prepare them for the winter, so you do not have to: finish up with freezes, live with eternal drafts, everyday wipe the moisture and condensation.

Getting ready for the winter

Many of our clients ask us a question, what it is better, preventive maintenance or repair? In this case, we usually give a very simple answer - probably, it is necessary to do both, preventive maintenance, and repair.

There can be just one reason: it all depends on the specific situation, the condition of your window and the age of the PVC profile.

But which elements must be checked first? What needs to be done to maintain a long service life and comfort of using it?

Accessories: This is the case when small things can play a vital role

Windows repair in the most cases is required because of the hardware problems. By the way, modern profiles are equipped with several modes (also called seasonal modes):

  • summer, winter, and autumn;
  • summer, winter, and others (check with the manufacturer or read the relevant documentation).

In most cases, the owners are not even aware of seasonal regimes existence, they just always accuse manufacturers of negligence. And the whole problem is eliminated by several bolts rotation.

To prepare home windows for the winter, follow the simple rules:

  1. Lubricate all fittings with quality oil (you can use machine or vegetable).
  2. Adjust its work.
  3. If necessary, clean all mechanisms so that the window can be easily opened and closed.

Perform a proper window repair if required.

Seal: Another item on which your comfort depending on

Look for proper advice for the winter plastic windows preparation. Before the start of the cold season, we recommend that you must carefully check the seal condition. All you need just to touch it. Good material will be soft, it will bend under the pressure, but then it will restore the original shape. Signs if the seal should be changed:

  1. The material became very hard.
  2. The form of the sealant was lost.
  3. Defects, cracks, and damage appeared along the perimeter of the material.
  4. Strong chemical components and compounds have not been able to "revitalize" the material.

Sealant replacement is one of the most complicated procedures. Therefore, we recommend that you not involve yourself in amateur activities but immediately turn to experienced professionals.

A few simple preparations for the winter

Usually, for the winter, the following procedures may be required:

  • change of the foam layer;
  • assessment slopes condition and repair.

But we do not recommend using such things as cotton wool or tape. They only aggravate the situation and contribute to the formation of ice and condensation on the windows glass. It is also impossible to seal the slots with molten paraffin. This substance will damage factory sealant the structure! Don’t take chances but approach right people from the right company!


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