How to make wooden window safe for children

The child looks out the window.

The most inquisitive creatures in the world are, of course, our children. They just want to taste everything, touch, unscrew, smell, open, break off ... But most of all kids are attracted by what parents forbid. Who among us has not tried to explore the outlet, run across the road a few meters from the car, or lean out of the window as much as possible?

The curiosity of the children is so great that the parents should be able to foresee every their step. How to make your window safe for kids and not be afraid to leave children in the room alone? This is the most common question for many parents. Let’s see what market can offer.

Wooden window with locking mechanisms

The only way out is to order wooden window with suitable locking mechanisms. The older the child, the more mechanism must be reliable, including the use of locks, which cannot cope without a key.

How it supposed to looks like:

  1. The most simple, reliable and inexpensive option is considered accessories with locks. The lock is usually embedded in the handle. Never forget keys in the keyhole and do not show them to the kids: curiosity can inflame with even greater force. Typically, this protection method is used for pivoting window.
  2. It is also possible to order designs with "Tilt-First" - a mechanism designed for tilt and turn window. Special children's lock will not allow changing window position or opening it. If the apartment needs to be ventilated, the sash will be securely fixed.
  3. The third option is to install a knob with a lock button and a key. It is possible to fix wooden window in the necessary position by one pressing of this button. However, in order for the pen to return to its original position, you will have to use the key that releases the lock. This method is considered the most convenient since it does not require getting keys several times a day.
  4. And yet, you can purchase a padlock for a child which is fixed on the sash. The lock allows you to ventilate the room but not open completely home door. Such a mechanism is reliable and cheap but you have to screw the lock into the frame. We doubt that someone will want to spoil the new wooden window, although for old frames this option can be just ideal. The competitor of this lock is the flag, which operates on the very same principle.

The mechanisms described in the article will save not only children from harm but also secure an apartment from hacking. Installing a button or lock on wooden window will be much cheaper than thinking about other more expensive ways to protect against intruders.


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