Is it possible to repair / install windows in the rain?

Installing windows is not an easy thing.

However, the main difficulties are connected not with the use of any complex equipment and tools, not with the adjustment of complex systems, but with a purely human factor. Manufacturers of windows did their best to make installation quick and without problems. But if the approach is irresponsible, the result is unlikely to leave anyone satisfied.

After installing windows, some homeowners are faced with such a phenomenon as the flow of a window after rain. Water accumulates in the puddles on the windowsill. This unpleasant surprise becomes the reason for contacting the company that installed the windows.

Mistakes during installation can indeed cause a leak. But in fact, there can be many reasons. How to determine why a window is leaking during rain and how to eliminate it?

Causes of leakage of windows, and methods for its elimination

The most common causes of a window leak during rain:

  • improper installation of the window;
  • sealing rubber has lost elasticity;
  • slopes are poorly sealed;
  • the opening is not sufficiently blown with foam or it has become unusable and cracks have occurred;
  • clogged drain hole.

All these faults can and should be fixed as soon as possible. Even in rainy weather. However, in case of heavy rains, you should wait until the rain has finished and only then proceed to repair. Installation of windows is also best done at a time when precipitation has stopped.

To determine the cause of leakage, it is necessary to check, first of all, the drainage holes and the gasket. Clogged drainage holes must be cleaned. Lost elastic sealing rubber, it is necessary to replace. If everything is alright with them, then the reason is more serious. It is important to remember that the purity of the drainage holes must be monitored regularly, without waiting for problems. Sealing rubber must be treated with special means that contribute to the preservation of elasticity for a long time.

If you find any cracks in the places where the assembly foam blows, they must be repaired. The same goes for slopes. If they are done incorrectly, the work will have to be redone. Polyurethane foam must be protected from exposure to sunlight and moisture. If this is not done, then very soon it will become loose and the window tightness will be lost.

The most difficult to find errors made during installation of the window. If there are any, they can be removed only by dismantling and a new installation, in compliance with all the rules for performing work.

If you can not find and eliminate the cause of the leakage of the window during the rain yourself, then you need to contact the experts. They will help solve the problem as soon as possible, and you can not worry about the preservation of warmth and comfort in the house in any weather.


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