Is it possible to restore a double glazing?

Double-glazed windows are in great demand because of their efficiency, accessibility and durability.

Although they are able to serve for decades, the resource gradually decreases and it is necessary to resort to the maintenance of the structure. The bottom line is that such double-glazed windows consist of two glasses, between which there is a sealed space. It is filled with inert gas. Argon is most commonly used, since it is one of the most affordable inert gases with the necessary properties. Thermal conductivity increases significantly from the use of such glass, so they have become popular around the world. In comparison with the budget single glasses, double glazed windows are much more efficient to use.

Even with the purchase of windows with good glass, over time, they can fail. In this case, depressurization of the product and volatilization of the inert gas are implied. As a result, air takes its place, after which the efficiency of the glass unit is significantly reduced. As soon as this happens, condensation will begin to form on the windows. This is the first sign that the glass must be changed or rebuilt. If the seals began to pass air, then soon the gas will completely evaporate and repairs will be required.

Why does gas evaporate from double-glazed windows?

Practice shows that this may be due to many reasons, but more often it is directly related to the aging of the structure. Due to constant changes in temperature and humidity, parts of the window simply begin to crack and deform. All structural elements are periodically compressed and expanded again, which leads to loss of tightness. If you use aggressive cleaning agents, it can also lead to a violation of the integrity of the glass, as the chemistry corrodes the sealing elements. When carrying out routine maintenance of windows, it is imperative to ensure that detergents are suitable for handling windows and will not cause any problems. Also double-glazed windows can fail due to violations of the technological process on the production line. Rarely, but there are defective specimens, which are initially leaky. When buying new windows, it is extremely important to require quality certificates and other related documentation from the seller.


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