Modern paints for wooden window restoration

Varnishing of the Wooden window protects your dwelling from heat or cold no less than the doors and even the roof.

However, nothing protects the house better than natural materials and therefore wooden window are in great demand despite the higher price compared to plastic. But such structures have their weak points - moving parts, which are under heavy loads, fittings, paintwork and more. Every few decades, window need to be restored to protect them from fading and wood from its destruction.

Paints and varnishes for wood window

Even the most valuable wood (oak, meranti or mahogany) needs processing in order not to lose its priceless properties over the years. Paintwork materials must be applied in full compliance with the technical requirements.

Most often for the restorations of wooden window are taken water-dispersed materials which are having the following advantages:

  • they are environmentally friendly, safe, meet sanitary standards, and therefore are used for interior painting;
  • product dries quickly after applying the paint;
  • such materials are fireproofed;
  • wood is protected from moisture;
  • products are not stratified and do not crack due to the elasticity of varnish.

In addition to the fact that wooden window should be protected from adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to make sure that they resist fungi, bacteria and the most terrible - mold, which is almost impossible to remove. In these cases, antiseptics and water-soluble preservatives are used, which easily penetrate the wood.

Surface preparation

Before proceeding with wooden window restoration, the surface is prepared. The window is cleaned and dried. Dirt is removed from the frame. Sometimes window from larch or timber can be treated with a solution of caustic soda and acetone. If old window are spattered, they are additionally treated with an antibacterial solution and primed. When the primer dries, it is ground and the dust removed.

Restoration of window constructions pursues one of two goals: to preserve the beauty of the wood or to emphasize its texture with varnish. Also, the color of the wood and the texture can generally be hidden with a layer of paint but this option is only suitable for very old window. In this case, enamels are used that turn wooden window into "plastic" ones: it is almost impossible to distinguish one from the other.The surface frame can have any level of gloss and don’t forget about extra time for proper wooden frame drying. Otherwise, after window close with fresh paint or varnish liquid, your window will be stuck and can’t be open again.


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