Recommendations for the wooden window care

Everybody agrees that unlike metal-plastic window, wooden ones require more careful care.

Wooden window are more capricious designs with a picky character. In order to serve you more time, you need always carefully monitor their condition, air the room, remove dust, dirt from the frames and window sills.

The frame must be cleaned at least 3 times a year with special detergents. Acids to remove dirt are not used, as they corrode seals, which should fit snugly and not allow neither water, nor dust, nor air.

What is necessary to do for window care

Over time all window are exposed to cold and heat, snow and rain, so its surface loses up to 7% of the paintwork. If the window are painted then paint soon begins to peel off and move away from the frame in chunks. Therefore, every window needs redecoration. Many of homeowners in the United States do this procedure by themselves but sometimes you need to replace the frame, bead, and so on. Therefore, experts with good skills and special tools should work there. Wooden structures are afraid of mechanical shocks, so the window frames should not be hit with a hammer or other hard object because the place of impact will need to be replaced with a whole piece of the frame. Before surface painting, it must be clean, processed, and dry. Apply several layers of paint to the surface for better protection of frame and window sill. If you have problems with sound insulation then you need to do something about it. This is quite difficult therefore better to entrust it to masters who have a very good tool. window warming is carried out by installation an elastic sealant. After putting a seal, you will feel the difference. This is immediately noticeable, especially when there is a strong wind outside.

A few main rules for window care

There are several rules about care for your window. If you comply with them then your window can serve you for a long time and will be not necessarily to buy expensive plastic window.

So, for the tightness of your window you need:

  1. Do not apply paint on seals installed by craftsmen. If this happens immediately try to wipe off paint.
  2. Never try to close window until paint has dried after it has been applied. If you close it with fresh paint, the seals will stick to it and when opened, it will tear and not be suitable for further use.
  3. Painting surfaces should be neat, try not to leave smudges on them.
  4. See that the seals are intact. Avoid contacting other nearby objects.

So what is the conclusion? And it is very simple, do not doubt that the proper care of wooden window can prolong their service life for a long time.


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