The advantages of old wooden window restoration

The old wooden window restoration in comparison with the new PVC and wooden window installation has a number of distinctive advantages.

If you try to list them all in order, you can get the following list:

  • home ecology preservation;
  • maximum comfort in the house;
  • big savings on unnecessary new window installation;

As can be seen from above, the decision in favor of wooden window restoration can be very attractive for many reasons.

Well known advantages of window restoration in comparison with PVC window installation

Firstly, PVC window are made from polymeric materials, which is having a little to do with the ecology concept of a dwelling. Rather, they do not at all correspond to the issue of ecology home preserving. Polymeric materials mainly consisted of PVC window are a source of vapor hazardous to human health. Evaporation data contains heavy chemical compounds that cause various diseases. Often they are carcinogenic and its substances contributing to the development of cancer. What kind of environmentalists home we can talk about?

Secondly, PVC window are again producing from polymeric materials and wooden window are made, probably, from the most pleasant in all respects material. The wood does not dry the air in the room. It lets excess moisture out, leaving enough moisture to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Wooden window breathe. They are a reliable natural insulating material that allows you to maintain a cozy microclimate indoors: warm in winter, cool in summer.

Thirdly, wooden window are much cheaper than their polymeric counterparts. The difference between the price for the wooden window restoration and price for the PVC window installation can be up to 3 times. This is especially encouraging if you remember that with this pleasant difference you will get all the advantages of wooden window.

Compare restoration advantages and new wooden window installation

In this comparison, there is only one significant advantage which is the price. The cost difference can be from 4 to 8 and in some other cases up to 10 times. And this is despite the fact that in the end, you will get window that are not inferior to the new wooden ones.

In addition to the above advantages: environmentalists, comfort, and economy it is important to understand that old wooden window restoration saves them from the main drawbacks. Restored window combine everything positive from PVC window and new wooden window: tightness, practicality, comfort and environmental friendliness.

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