Tips to Fix Condensation Between Double Pane Windows

The cost of replacing and installing a vinyl framed double pane window is around $450 - $500. For wood? Almost twice as much. Which explains why many people live with foggy windows when condensation forms between the panes. At ARGO Glass and Windows Repair, we help you save money by replacing the pane, rather than having to worry about the whole window.

If there's condensation between the window panes, it's getting in somewhere. And if water can get in, heat or cold can leak out.

How Insulated Glass Works

Glass actually isn't much of an insulator. The double pane window increases the resistance, but it's the insulating airspace in between that helps to maintain consistent temperature. Most modern windows have two seals: an inner seal to protect against moisture and corrosive and an outer seal to protect the strength of the window. The seals hold a spacer in place—usually a tube containing water-absorbing chemicals.

Why Do Seals Break?

For the most part, insulated-glass windows work extremely well. They handle all types of weather, cold, heat, and being opened and closed. With the double seal, even if one seal begins to break, the other can hold the line, at least for a while. But as with everything else, when the window ages, its components can break down.

Other than old age, there are two factors in seal breakage:

  • Water retention in the frame or improper drainage around the window
  • Direct exposure to sunlight. The more sun your window gets, the more heat. Heat causes the panes to expand and contract and eventually weakens the seal.

Once the seal is broken, moisture begins to form in between the panes, giving your windows a milky, foggy look. And though you may think it's just cosmetic, there are bigger reasons to get them fixed.

How to Fix Condensation Between Window Panes?

This isn't a DIY job. At ARGO Glass and Windows Repair, we do our best to save the window and replace the glass, saving you more money than you might think.

When moisture gets through the seal on glass enclosures and builds over time, call on one of our specialists to replace the pane, clean out the inside, remove moisture and replace new panes with stronger sealants that protect for year. We come to your location for a free consultation and provide an estimate. The fog is lifted and the window is as good as new.

If there's condensation between the panes on your windows, why not call on us to take a look? We're fast, professional and priced right.


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