What causes window to break

The main reason for the window aging is their depressurization.

It happens when in the rooms becomes hot or, conversely, cold, damp and noisy. In this regard, one of the most popular services offered by our company is window' insulation using new American technology from one of the famous brands.

Usually, window are depressurized due to the fact that over time old seals on the frames are erased than valves operating mechanisms are loosened and become unusable due to temperature fluctuations and regular mechanical loads. Often a cause of these problems is the lack of timely care for the window during operation. Accordingly, window insulation constructions are an inefficient prior restoration of old window, without replacing them. So, only one of heater laying around frame perimeter cannot help you to achieve desired result.

The old window are better than new ones

It is not surprising but with all the diversity of modern materials, there are more and more willing to return to the classic, environmentally friendly wooden window. Therefore, it has become very popular to return the former functionality to the old structures in order to save money on the purchase of new window from wood. As a result, an advanced technique appeared at our disposal, called window insulation according to the latest American technology. It allows you to extend the life of the old wooden window without much cost.

Modern technology allows you to cover any existing types of window designs from wooden to PVC. However, owners of wooden window most often contact us. This is due to the fact that earlier in our country there were no competent services involved in the restoration and insulation of old window.

A few words about old window restoration at home

It is also probable to insulate window on your own by purchasing all necessary materials and tools. However, it is not always possible to significantly improve thermal insulation performance, sound impermeability, and energy saving on its own. It is better to seek help from qualified professionals who quickly and efficiently perform desired work on a turnkey basis.

Specialists of our company are pleased to provide you with a wide range of services related to the repair and insulation of window structures with any complexity. We also do insulation slopes and doors. You can view the entire list of works on our website or by contacting us by phone.

All our clients can be sure by contacting us, they will get warmth and comfort in a short time. Over the years technology of insulation in our company has been honed to the smallest detail. We invite you to verify this.

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