What will happen to the windows if they are not prepared for winter

There is no secret that such building elements like windows, which are connecting our rooms with the street, are forced to take on all the environmental impacts.

The windows of high quality must ensure their functions performance under any weather conditions. However, over the time, even such windows can lose their good performance.

Why the quality of window structures must be checked in the winter

The answer to this question is quite simple. It is in the winter period that the windows are on the border of two contrasting temperature environments: a warm room and a cold street. At the same time, the impact of these two factors is the main test of the plastic window frames quality. This is in many ways reminiscent of the quality roofs control, which can be seen during heavy rains. In the same way, it happens with windows, it is in winter that all the shortcomings of their design and the quality of the erection are displayed. If these parameters are poor, then you will find out what is draft, blowing and other troubles that arise because of poor-quality windows.

Fittings not properly adjusted

The window construction accessories present the element which you should take care for very carefully. If we neglect this, then in the course of time its functional characteristics will be decreased. This is will bring to the fact that it will not provide the necessary window sashes clamping, in the appearance of ruptures in the contoured sealing.

All this indicates that the tightness is broken and there is a high probability of drafts and blowing.

How to repair accessories

In strong winds and frosts, it can begin to blow, indicating that the hardware is faulty or improperly adjusted. This problem is easy to solve by yourself, properly adjusting it. In the event that the adjustment does not solve the problem, it is best to turn to the professional master services that will help you bring your windows into proper condition. This is especially true for old window designs.

It is not uncommon for cases when, in winter, on the frame from the side of the room, moisture begins to collect. As a rule, this is typical for inexpensive structures where is low-quality profile systems are used. If the condensation begins to form on the structure frame, the best solution is to replace the whole window, because it cannot be insulated.

How to prepare a plastic window for winter

The notion that plastic windows do not require special measures to prepare for the operation in winter conditions is fundamentally wrong. Plastic windows, as well as windows with wooden frames, must be prepared for winter. This is especially true for designs that have been in operation for five or more years.

In advance, to get rid of possible problems with accessories, it is possible to do it on your own. You just need to carry out all necessary measures for its sealing. First of all, you should carefully inspect all the joints with the window sill and slopes. If a silicone dip is found that is used to seal, then apply a new layer and gently close all the cracks.

How To Prepare Your Windows For Winter


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