Why wooden window should not be self-installed

In the process wooden window installation, there are many nuances that only professionals who work with window for several years in a row can take into account.

For each type of wooden window, there are their own installation conditions, which are working in one case and may cause irreparable harm in another.

First of all, installers will take care of the previous window structures dismantling.

They will need to remove the windowill, remove sash window, and remove the old frame.

After this, specialized window openings will be prepared for the installation of an individually manufactured frame. To do this, you will need to perform work installation of the window frame, its full alignment in the vertical and horizontal positions. If these works are carried out with the slightest disruption, in the future you will experience serious problems with opening and closing of the window sashes. Fastening of wooden frames is carried out with the help of special plates, which, by the way, are also made for a specific window. The fact is that most of the wooden window ordered by a client-specific size.

And what about the window sills

The window installation including new window sills and there will be necessary to prepare appropriate ebbs and use specialized installation materials. Sill is very s fragile, so when you do an installation, there is necessary to observe all possible safety measures, as it can be easily damaged.

Sash should be in place

Once in the wooden window’s sash will be installed, you will need their appropriate adjustment. It is unlikely that a person without special skills will be able to cope with this process. And without sashes adjustments, it is impossible to insert double-glazed window into the frame. The risk of improper distribution of the load is too great and that can lead to the appearance of cracks in the glass. If you are familiar with the prices for modern double-glazed window, you are unlikely to risk saving on the professional installer services for expensive wooden window.

As you can see, the installation of wooden window is not an easy job but a whole range of tasks that you cannot solve without specialists. Only professionals in their field possess a sufficient set of qualified knowledge, are familiar with the subtleties of working with wooden window and are fully responsible for the quality of their installation.

Do not forget that wooden window of high class coming with a guarantee. However, this document will be valid only in the case of window qualified installation and not otherwise.


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