Window insulation

Experts believe that about 40% of the heat goes through our window.

However, the proper window’s insulation can increase the temperature in any home by 4-5 ° C.

There is also an opinion that new PVC window can eliminate heat losses but high-quality wooden window insulation will keep your home ecologically cleaner, warmer and will save your budget. In general, there is an enviable variety of different ways to improve window insulation with your own hands but most of them can bring certain difficulties and inconveniences associated with window work in the future.

Our company performs work on window insulation with special technology using only high-quality materials. All work is performed with a guarantee. Entrust your home window insulation to the experienced hands of our specialists.

The order and composition on the window insulation work:

  1. Before embarking any work, it is advisable to wash the window.
  2. Afterwards, you need to check the wooden window's sash for the effectiveness of their closing, and also carefully check all mechanisms performance.
  3. Only then you can safely remove window sash from the hinges. Our masters make sash on the landing in order to maintain cleanliness in your home).
  4. On the landing, we carried out a careful fit of the valves. To do this, unnecessary old paint layers are grinded because it making difficult for the shutters to fit snugly to the window frame when they opened and closed.
  5. In order to lay insulation in its place, the craftsmen create a special groove around wooden window contour with a mill.
  6. A high-quality strip seal is rolled into the prepared grooves.
  7. In addition, window sashes are insulated between themselves and inside the valves. Such a seal will help to cope with the penetration of dust and dirt.
  8. At the end of the above works, doors again mounted on the hinges, and fittings are being replaced. The customer can request accessories replacement order in advance.
  9. After finish of the insulation work, a final check is carried out on the insulated wooden window sash for opening and closing, as well as for high-quality functioning of all mechanisms and the installed accessories.

When strong is coming, all people have the same goal: to keep as much heat as possible in the rooms where they spend most of the time. The largest percentage of heat loss is due to leaking door and window openings.

There are many options that will help to solve these problems, and we have already described some of them in detail above. And remember that the cost of wooden window insulation is lower compared to the plastic window installation.

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