Wooden window with double glazing

Just a few decades ago, wood, as a material for the window production had no alternative replacement.

With the advent of new manufacturing methods through the use of synthetic materials and metals, wooden window began to quickly give way to modern-type profiles. However, by ecology and natural beauty, no artificial material can compare with wood.

These unique qualities and the use of modern technologies in the production of wooden window constructions were a condition for the appearance on the market such a demanded product as wooden window with double-glazed window.

Double-glazed window appearance

Due to the special wood processing in the process of production double-glazed window have good resistance to the harmful environmental effects and as a result, the wood does not undergo premature aging and rotting and not losing its natural specifications. Consequently, they do not undergo deformations, there are no cracks in the window structures, and they do not lose their aesthetic appearance.

As you know, old-style window were the main cause of heat loss in the house (up to 50%). Now the use of modern glass in wooden window allows for reliable thermal insulation. Due to the presence of air chambers between glasses, wooden window with a glass packet have good resistance to heat transfer. To increase the efficiency of double-glazed window it is possible to inject argon, carbon dioxide, xenon, etc. These gases have even lower thermal conductivity than air but the use of this technology increases the cost of the double-glazed window.

What kind of wood used for window manufacture and its advantages

Pine, larch and oak wood are mainly used in the manufacture of wooden window. Pine window are significantly lower in cost than similar oak and larch constructions.

Summarizing all above, we list the main advantages of wooden window. So, wooden window with double-glazed window have the following positive qualities:

  • naturalness and ecological purity of wood materials;
  • natural beauty of the woodwork;
  • stable heat balance in the home due to the low thermal conductivity of the window construction;
  • normal air exchange due to the natural structure of the wood;
  • good sound insulation specifications due to the double-glazed window and seals;
  • sufficient frost resistance and heat resistance (withstand large temperature differences).

Perhaps the only drawback of double-glazed wooden window can be considered a high price. But still, many of these advantages indicate the high quality of this product, and for the quality, as you know, you have to pay.


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