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Wooden windows restoration in Albany Park, Chicago

Despite plastic windows high popularity, many homeowners remain faithful to traditional wooden frames. Therefore wooden windows restoration becomes a popular and necessary service. Between supporters and opponents of plastic and wooden window systems, disputes do not go down because each side has arguments in favor of its preferences. Experts from Argo Glass & Windows in Albany Park believe that the price of the wooden windows restoration fully justifies the money spent and it is cheaper and less expedient then new plastic structures installation.  

Courteous and skilled workers who arrived soon after I received a text message that they were on their way. They determined that my two windows would not lock because the frames had warped. Since they could not repair them, I was not charged for the service call.

With current situation of protest due to the death of George Loyd many commercial and residential buildings have gotten severe damages, broken glasses specifically on storefronts windows, doors and bus stop shelters. Argo Glass & Windows would like to support all owners with providing 10% off on all glass replacement services. We believe this might help to save the budget, especially being closed for 2 month! Feel free to contact us at 847-796-5126 Chicago IL or 262-372-7110 Milwaukee WI, we are always happy to help! Stay healthy and safe!

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Albany Park Window Repair

Albany Park Window Repair

The second very important point is the question - where and how to repair wooden windows. That is, do it yourself, turn to artisanal craftsmen or use the services of companies involved in the window systems production and installation.  Independently repairing old wooden windows is problematic for many, since building restoration requires professional skills, knowledge, and availability of special tools and materials. Much easy to get specialists to finish a job.

When do we need restoration of old wooden windows

Window frames made of wood are exposed to aggressive factors - moisture, temperature drops, sunlight, and fungus. Wooden windows repair needs are determined in the presence of such factors:

  • wooden frame squinted and lost its shape;
  • wood is cracked, sometimes exfoliated, swollen;
  • gaps between frame and window glass appeared;
  • broken frame attachment in the window opening;
  • broken accessories, like handles, locks;
  • transom tightly adjacent to the frame.

The main problem in violation of the design or window wooden base, problem with tightness and heat insulation, which leads to drafts and heat loss, dust ingress and noise penetration.

Repair and restoration of wooden windows

The difference between wooden windows repair and restoration is in the volume and nature of the necessary work. Under the repair refers to cleaning of old paint, alignment design, replacement of fittings and glass replacement. Most repairs are carried out on site and do not require removal of the frame from the opening.  Repair work or restoration of wooden windows can be ordered from Argo Glass&Windows at a very affordable price.

During wooden windows restoration, our company will carry out the following work:

  • full cleaning of paint coatings;
  • replacement and fixing of broken areas;
  • wood processing with special impregnations that strengthen its structure;
  • restoration of the window frame design;
  • applying a new coating;
  • changing of accessories and locks.

After restoration, you will see a new look of your old windows. This will bring extra value to your house and improve its general appearance. Don’t take time to make your decision just pick up and call us for order placing!

Albany Park Window Repair

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