Can you get condensation out of double glazing?


It often happens that even after installing new windows, problems arise with them.

Misting or condensation is not uncommon, but there are many reasons for it to appear. Windows from famous brands can have a guarantee of several decades, but even in this case, they serve for a long time without causing problems.

If the technology of their installation has been violated, and a factory defect has manifested itself, then fogging will appear. It is worth noting that most often double-glazed windows are installed in the windows. They are reliable and durable enough. Between the glass is inert gas in a sealed capsule of two glasses. This is necessary in order to avoid fogging. However, sometimes they appear even on this type of glass. Many people believe that the choice in favor of such a design will completely relieve them from the appearance of condensate, but in reality this is far from being the case. Today we will understand what causes the windows with double glazing to mist over.

Causes of condensate and methods of dealing with it

If you installed new windows with double glazing, but after a while you found moisture accumulations on the inside or outside of the window, then this is a sure sign of the presence of leaking sections around the perimeter of the structure. It so happens that the window itself is leaky. This is manifested due to factory defects or deformation of the glass, in this case double.

If the inert gas evaporates, then because of this, the tightness of the window will immediately be broken. This will cause condensation to form. It happens that the sealant is of poor quality or incorrectly applied at the factory. Because of this, inert gas escapes from the glass unit, and due to temperature differences in the room and condensate accumulates outside the window. In this case, there will be no point in repairing the glass unit, since it is much easier to carry out its complex replacement. This procedure can be done in a few hours, and cash costs will be insignificant.

Another reason for fogging double glazed windows is damage to one of the glass panes. In fact, there will also be a depressurization of the glass. You can restore a damaged place by sealing a crack, for example, but this is a temporary measure that cannot protect from condensation on windows, because the inert gas that is in the cavity between the panes will evaporate immediately and the structure can no longer work in normal mode. If such problems occur, only the replacement of the glass unit can also help. In order to avoid mistakes in the course of diagnostic work, you should contact the experienced professionals.

The call of the master will be inexpensive, but you can find out exactly why it is condensation on windows with double glazing. When the reason is determined, it remains only to eliminate the fault, which will restore the reference technical condition of the structure.

Bad hardware can also cause windows to mist up. When their shutters loosely adjoin the window frame, the air from the street penetrates inside the room, causing the appearance of condensate. You cannot worry about the fact that you have to change the window, as it is enough just to replace the accessories. Such problems can cause poor-quality sealing gum.

They can also be replaced in just a few hours by contacting a specialized company. In any case, the fogging of the glass is associated with its depressurization. In any case, it will be possible to solve this problem only after a complete replacement of a damaged glass unit with a new analogue, in which quality there will be no reason to doubt. As you can see, even double-glazed windows can mop up, but there is nothing critical in this phenomenon; the problem can be fixed in a short time if the appropriate measures are taken immediately.

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