How do you get rid of mold between window panes?


Windows can serve for tens of years, especially if they are purchased from a well-known manufacturer, installed according to all technological norms and rules. Despite this, from time to time people are faced with a variety of problems.

The appearance of mold between the glasses – one of the most common and rather unpleasant problem. Mold is a fungal formation that can adversely affect health, destroy the window unit slowly, but in the end it will have to be changed.

This procedure will require considerable monetary and temporary investments, so it makes sense to make every effort to extend the operational life of the window unit. Practice shows that it is quite possible to get rid of the mold between the glass panes of windows, but for this you need to understand what caused it to appear. Only in this case, it will be possible not once to get rid of the fungal growth, but forever, without resorting to unplanned replacement of windows in the future.

How to deal with mold?

Mold between the windows of the window can be formed only if there is high humidity in this place. It is spread by spores that fly in the air. They are invisible to the human eye, but if they enter into an environment suitable for subsequent development, they will certainly be fruitful, and soon you will see mold. If this phenomenon has occurred, then you need to take into account that there is a depressurization of the window, or rather, its glass unit. In this case, inert gas escapes between the panes, and condensate begins to accumulate on the windows.

At first, nothing critical will happen at all. You may not even notice that the window unit began to deliver some problems, for example, if its depressurization occurred during the warm season. With the advent of cold weather, they will begin to mistreat every now and then. Closer to spring, disputes are becoming more active, so by this time the windows would be worth repairing.

If appropriate measures were not taken in a timely manner, then in this case it will be necessary to replace the glass unit, after removing any traces of mold from the window. This can be done using the appropriate compositions, mixtures sold in construction and other hardware stores. If you do not completely get rid of the mold, leaving it in hard-to-reach places even in small quantities, then soon it will grow again and will remind of itself.

Damaged glass, which has ceased to be airtight, there will be no point in repairing and restoring, since it is quite expensive and does not have much sense. Much cheaper and faster will be to replace it with a new one. In this case, the performance of work should be trusted proven professionals who can carry out installation work in compliance with technological instructions. The glass unit should not have any marriage and even a hint of it, and after installation the structure should be airtight.

A double-glazed window will last a long time if it is safe and sound, so special attention should be paid to this moment. The cause of mold can also be a problem with the microclimate of the room. Poor air circulation and high humidity are causes of mold. It will be useless to wrestle with it until it is possible to eliminate the causes of the appearance of the fungus. There should be no favorable conditions for its development. Otherwise, the struggle may be endless and unsuccessful for you. In general, mold on the windows is rare, especially in residential areas.

If, however, it appeared, and you have no idea what caused it and how to deal with the fungus, then seek help from specialists. Call the company that installed you windows or the one you trust. Its representatives will be able to advise you after inspecting the window unit. After this, it will be possible to begin to wage an active struggle against fungal formations, which will end in success for you.

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