How do you stop condensation on windows overnight?


If you have modern windows installed at home or within any other property, they should provide comfort and coziness inside the premises. Modern manufacturers offer products with a warranty period of operation, estimated in dozens of years. Practice shows that from time to time consumers have some problems associated with fogging of windows.

The accumulation of condensate can be a natural phenomenon, and may be due to the depressurization of the window unit. In the first case, there is no cause for concern, but in the second case, you will need to contact specialists to diagnose the malfunction and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Condensate by itself does not cause much inconvenience, but can cause mold. It is not easy to deal with; therefore it is better not to bring it to its formation, but to get rid of window fogging in the early stages.

How to avoid condensation on the windows at night?

If condensate accumulates on the windows at night, the reason for its appearance is the difference in temperature outside the window and inside the room. When double-glazed windows are installed with one gas chamber, the distance between the panes is small, which makes it impossible to compensate for the temperature difference. In this case, this phenomenon will be systematic and natural. In the summer of condensate will not, but with the arrival of the first cold weather, it will remind of itself more often. You can get rid of this phenomenon if you install better-quality double-glazed windows consisting of several chambers with inert gas or with a large distance between the panes. Also, the cause may be depressurization of the window unit.

When the sealing gum is worn or cracked, they will let the cold air out from the street not only during the day but also at night, which means that in the morning you will find condensation on the windows.

This rather unpleasant phenomenon can be eliminated by a banal replacement of sealing gum. They are not scarce; they can be ordered at any specialized store. It is not recommended to replace them personally, as the appropriate tool will be required. It is worth using the services of professionals, well, they are quite inexpensive.

If the fittings are of poor quality, and the casement windows do not fit tightly to the frame in the closed state, this will also cause condensation to occur at night, since the air outside the window will be somewhat colder than inside the room. There will be no problems with the replacement of accessories; there is a possibility to choose this product from the most different manufacturers. Any air leaks can cause condensation at night, but the main reason is the difference in air temperature inside the room and outside.

It makes sense to pay attention to the internal ventilation in the room. If the exhaust system works poorly or does not work at all, then condensate can also form on the windows at night, even if the windows are completely sealed. You can invite specialists to determine the cause of window fogging. It happens that it is extremely difficult to perform such diagnostics on your own, but there are knowledgeable people who are always ready to help. Condensate can also form if you leave your windows open or airing out for the night. Cold air will enter the room where it is much warmer. This will cause window fogging. You can fix the situation by simply closing the windows at night.

The microclimate inside the room and the ambient air temperature play in this case an important role. Depending on these indicators, you can understand whether there will be condensation on the windows or not. In any case, this phenomenon may be natural and predictable, and may indicate a violation in the tightness of the window unit. If you are not sure of this design, then you should call the masters for diagnostics. Otherwise, there will be no problems; the windows can be operated normally.

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