How long do double pane windows last?


When it comes to replacing plastic windows with new ones or their counterparts from natural wood, many are interested in the question of how long new windows can last. Indeed, this question is relevant for a wide range of people, but in fact, each manufacturer gives a guarantee on their products.

If you pay attention to this indicator, it is often calculated in dozens of years, but in fact the windows have to be changed more often. Why it happens? In fact, the reasons can be a huge amount. For example, factory defects, poor operating conditions, mechanical damage, violation of the method of installation of the structure and its commissioning. Practice shows that most often windows have to be changed due to damaged glass windows or their failure for other reasons. If this component of the structure cannot be replaced separately, then the window block must be completely replaced.

How many time windows can serve without breaking?

In most properties, double-glazed windows are installed, where there are two glasses, and between them there is an inert gas. It allows to provide good thermal conductivity, as well as to prevent the formation of condensate on the windows. Practice shows that in ideal conditions such double-glazed windows can last a couple of decades, and sometimes even longer, but this is not always the case.

Considering the fact that double-glazed windows serve in a rather aggressive environment, when the climate outside is significantly different from the indoor climate. This leads to the appearance of minor defects on the surface of the glass, which tends to accumulate, and in the future they simply disable the entire element of the window unit in the form of a glass unit.

Definitely it is impossible to say how long a particular glass unit will last, since all windows are operated in different conditions, which means that they will also serve a different amount of time.

Planned care for the windows is also important. They need to be washed, clearing from aggressive substances. They can also have a negative effect on the structure. For example, if the window goes to the sunny side, constantly takes on ultraviolet solar radiation, then over time this will affect its durability and strength. There are cases when, with such exploitation, glass packs simply start to grow cloudy.

Because of this, natural lighting in the room becomes less intense. It will not be possible to restore a double-glazed window, or rather there is no point in it, so it simply has to be replaced with a new analogue. As for durability, ultraviolet negatively affects it. If the window is operated in such conditions, then its strength will decrease, which means that even the slightest mechanical impact will be enough to break this fragile element of the window unit.

When you buy new windows, you can safely expect that they will last ten years. Most likely, this period will indeed be such, and maybe even longer. It is impossible to say unequivocally which windows to choose, how to exploit them, so that the period of use is as long as possible. Here everything happens individually. It should provide good care for the windows, to monitor that they are timely serviced, washed, changed seals and accessories. In this case, it will be possible to expect that double-glazed windows of a double type will not fail in the very near future. Do not blindly believe the statements of manufacturers that their windows can serve up to fifty years, since it is often possible only when operating them in an ideal environment, but in practice it does not exist.

The maximum that can be done is to make sure that the windows of famous manufacturers are installed in compliance with the technological process. Do not repair them yourself; trust this work to knowledgeable people!

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