The windows are covered with "fog": why is this happening?


A decrease in the transparency of window panes is often observed in rooms where old double-glazed glass units are still used. If something like this happened to the windshield of a car, you would unequivocally regard the resulting haze as dirt and promptly remove it with a chemical cleaner.

the most common problem with fogging

But with the windows in the room, not everything is so simple - the reduced transparency is most likely due to one of three reasons:

  • it is too humid inside the room - in the cold season, the glass turns out to be cold enough for excess moisture to condense on the window;
  • outside the room is too humid - but then "fog" is formed not from the inside, but in between glass panes
  • you can no longer rely on the used sealant - it is worn out, and therefore condensation settles on the surface of the glass in the inner chamber, where it cannot even be wiped off.

Where is the problem observed?

The most common problem with fogging on the outside or inside is when the window is glazed with just one layer of glass, which is rare. This is because the difference in temperature and humidity outside and indoors is very large, and there is no smooth transition between the two zones - one glass cannot provide smooth changes in conditions. By the same logic, with double glazing, fogging is more likely to occur inside the chamber, rather than outside or inside.

It is not difficult to check what kind of problem you are facing: you need to try to wipe the window, first inside, and then outside. If this did not work, it means that condensation accumulates between the glasses, and this problem cannot be solved without replacing the glass unit.

why will replacing a window pay off

Why will replacing a window pay off?

Many owners, to put it mildly, are not happy with the need for repairs - these are costs, noise, dirt, unnecessary trouble. A slight fogginess of the view from the window seems to them less of a problem than the need to find money to replace a glass unit, and yet it is worth replacing a worn-out structure. At the very least, a good new window can last for decades - if you invest now, you can simply forget about this problem. Moreover, there are other reasons to make such an investment.

  • Improved insulation. Modern double glazing was specially designed to minimize heat transfer between opposite sides of the window. The inner chamber today is filled not even with air, but with argon or krypton - thanks to them, you pay relatively little for heating in winter and for the operation of an air conditioner in summer. If condensation accumulates inside the chamber, it means that atmospheric air and moisture are already getting there along with it - that is, get ready for grown bills. A new window costs money, but, as you can see, they would have to be paid anyway.
  • Anti-mold. Where moisture is constantly present, sooner or later a fungus will appear. Inside the window, you still cannot fix it regularly, which means that characteristic black stains may soon appear there. Not only is it ugly, but it is also dangerous to health.
  • In some cases, savings on repairs are possible. It so happens that only the seal is out of order, but the frame is actually still very much nothing. In such a situation, the glass unit can be repaired without breaking the wall or installing a new frame, which is both easier and cheaper!

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