Chose the right company

The most important decision


It is very important in the window repair business to choose the right company for your project.  Often customers believe in the beautiful words of a salesperson and go with the cheap price.
But most likely it doesn’t worth it.

Here is why the company can provide a lower price

  1. Low quality materials
  2. Lower labor cost due to inexperienced technician
  3. One-day company

Low quality materials. That is the most common trick used to lower the prices. Well-known window repair companies do not tell the truth about their insulated glass units. They do not fill them with Argon Glass – the main part of the window insulation. They use hot melt Butyl sealant instead, which simply melts during hot summertime. In 3-6 years such glass units lose their seal and the windows become foggy again. This companies reject their 5 years’ comprehensive warranty because you can’t provide the invoice paper they gave you as no one saves it because you trusted the company and didn’t expect to be deceived. As a result, you have to pay for a new glass.

The same situation with the quality of caulking and sealing materials.

Not all of the companies know that adhesive silicone can damage the IGU sealant or lower the quality, caulking starts cracking all over in 2 years.

In some repair projects companies perform only partial repair techniques in order to cut the price. But the result is visible in a few years. Some windows can be repaired, but unfortunately some of them can’t be saved. In both cases you would have to pay twice.

It is very important for the technician to be highly qualified to perform the job and have enough skills and experience to do it right. We have seen a lot of cases when the project was done using wrong tools and materials. All that led to more damage which became visible in a couple of years.

In most cases one or two teams that work from their own garage with limited equipment and skills don’t care about the quality of the service they offer or about honesty. Such people are only interested in making quick profits. Usually they change their company name and phone number every 2 years so they can avoid service calls or warranty claims. They don’t have insurance or bond certificates. And if something happens to the technician at the worksite – the homeowner and his insurance will be responsible for that. 

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