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Glass solution from Argo Glass & Windows

When you choose us, you’re choosing superior quality and IG technology that stands relevant and competitive for decades.

ENERGY-SAVING: Our Low-E IGUs have the capability of stocking the energy making them efficient and ideally suited for the North American climate.
SAFETY AND SECURITY: We offer highly resistant glass that will defend your home in case of heavy rain, storms or even hurricanes.
SOUNDPROOF: Custom build IGUs that will reduce outside noises from traffic, airplanes or construction.
UV PROTECTION: Glass solutions that impede up to 99.9% of UV rays for your protection and comfort.
PRIVACY: For rooms that require more privacy we offer a wide range of patterned glass, acid-etched, obscure and more.

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Our company can offer an extensive selection of glass solutions of the highest quality and a vast choice of thicknesses, tints and coatings in order to create the IGUs that will perfectly suit your home or business.  

  • Clear glass is available in a wide range of thicknesses. It is most commonly used in spaces where it is not needed additional UV blocking or protection.
  • Tempered glass, also known as “safety glass” is required on all patio doors and other spaces where extra security is needed. Tempered glass, if broken, will shatter in a way that reduces the risk of serious injury. Our tempered glass meets rigorous industry safety codes, like ANSI Z-97.1-2009 and CPSC 16CFR 1201 categories I and II.
  • Laminated glass can offer your home an extra level of security and calmness. Laminated glass is used especially in areas close to airports, industry or anywhere where uncomfortable noise exists. In comparison to tempered glass, laminated glass does not only offer a strong sound proof barrier, but also more security. If broken, laminated glass will not fall off, due to the vinyl interlayer, that will remain in the frame and keep the glass fragments welded.
  • Patterned glass, available in three different textures can add style and refinement to the windows where privacy is needed.
  • LoE glass has the aim to add energy efficiency and comfort to your home, all year round, regardless of the climate you are located in. The LoE IGUs can be coupled with tempered, laminated and/or patterned glass for added safety, soundproofing or UV protection.


Enhanced Winter Performance Glass from Argo Glass & Windows

The North American continent embraces several climate areas that have various heating and cooling requirements. Based on your region’s elevation and sun exposure, ARGO GLASS & WINDOWS offer glass solutions that will provide the necessary solar and energy efficient coefficient. Our glass products meet the rigorous requirements and energy codes of the industry, such as the ENERGY STAR Program.

By choosing the right LoE for your windows, you can control and save up to 50% of the heating and cooling energy consumed in your home.

For cold areas, ARGO GLASS & WINDOWS offers the LoE-i89 which is blocking the heat loss outside the house and lets the sun’s heat to flow in. The LoE-i89 has more light transmittance and less reflectance due to it’s 4th surface coated glass and, therefore, it absorbs internal heat. If used in combination with LoE-366 your windows will meet the requirements of the ENERGY STAR guidelines, including the strictest northern guidelines. Thanks to it’s revolutionary performance, the LoE i-89 has almost a triple pane performance in a double pane unit and it can be coupled with tempered or laminated glass in order to achieve the best results.

For areas with a lot of sun exposure, there are options like LoE 366 or LoE 340 which have a high level of UV control and non glare effect.

Different LoE options may be coupled between them or with tempered or laminated glass in order to meet your needs and wishes.   

  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® requirements in all climate zones of the North American continent (LoE 366).
  • Brings more solar light and less UV rays.
  • Keeps heat within your home.
  • Beautiful aspect to upgrade any house or building.

It is extremely important to choose the windows that will bring your home not only the beautiful appearance and comfort, but also energy savings all year round.

The right glass options can save up to 50% of the heating and cooling energy of a house, will help your furniture, carpets and curtains stay for years and will protect your family and loved ones from harmful UV rays or unpleasant noises.

Superior Quality IGU from Argo Glass & Windows

When it comes to choosing the glass solutions for your home or business, several options unfold in front of you. Choosing the right one is extremely important and some factors should be taken into account. The area and climate in which the house is located is a major one, but also the house type and structure should be considered, location and style.

ARGO GLASS & WINDOWS offer you a wide range of IGUs working with the country’s leading glass manufacturers. The IGUs delivered by us will bring added value to your home by saving your budget for heating and cooling, keeping your furniture and carpets for years and keep the most comfortable temperature all year around.

By choosing ARGO GLASS & WINDOWS you choose IGUs that are state-of-the-art in the industry:

  • Argon Gas Filled
  • 7 Low-E Options
  • American Quality Glass and Components
  • Meet Energy Performance Standards
  • Low U-Factor Rate
  • 10-year warranty
  • Manufacturer Certified

Lowest failure rate in IGU market

Assembled of high quality components:

  1. Warm-edge stainless steel spacer – improving resistance to condensation and less stress on seal. Improved (Bent) Corners.
  2. Primary and Secondary seal -  keeps moisture out and argon inside, provides long-term adhesion. Dual Seal: PIB/Silicone.
  3. Desiccants – absorbs moisture to minimize temperature-related pressure changes.

There are six types of sealants in the glass industry: polyisobutylene (PIB), polysulfide (PS), polyurethane (PU), hot melt butyl (HMB), silicone and reactive hot melt (DSE) and each of them has its pros and cons.

While PIB offers best in class MVTR and gas retention, it lacks structural strength and solvent resistance. A silicone sealant, on the other hand, provides excellent UV stability, temperature resistance, structural strength and solvent resistance, but performs poorly in MVTR and gas retention.

The IGU units offered by our company are sealed with a combination of the PIB and silicone materials. This technology incorporates the advantages of both types of sealants, providing extra performance and high durability of the IGU in all climates and conditions.

Are you planning to replace the IGUs in your house because the old ones have lost their seals or because you want to save your budget for heating and cooling or maybe just because you want to refresh the look of your home? Any reason you would have, for the highest performance alongside with a beautiful appearance and long lifespan, ARGO GLASS & WINDOWS will deliver and install for you the glass that will suit best your needs, preferences and budget.

Leave a request and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home! Order a specialist visit for free