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Our company not only sells and installs windows, but also repairs them. Repair services apply to both our customers and customers of other manufacturers.

During the operation of your windows you may encounter the following problems:

  • wrong adjustment
  • cracked glass
  • wear of accessories
  • seal wear
  • installation errors
  • poor sealing in the junction of windows to the window sill or walls

If you have any problems in operation, our specialists are always ready to give you professional advice and carry out repairs.

  • When do windows need repair?
  • How long has windows been serviced and repaired?
  • Under the service refers to a set of measures to prevent problems in the process of operation of windows. What kind of events?


  1. Lubrication and adjustment of accessories. At least 1 time per year.

Almost all elements of the fittings of a modern window have friction parts that need lubrication and cleaning. The ingress of sand and dust into these elements leads to an increase in the load on the fittings, increasing wear. This is especially true of the premises where the repairs were carried out and located in the area of ​​high dustiness.

Do you feel that you need more effort to close the window? There are extraneous sounds? It is time to take preventive measures until the mechanisms are out of order.

  1. Care of the seal. At least 1 time per year.

The seal is responsible for the tightness of the design. On wooden windows, it is designed for a service life of 5 years, subject to proper care. If it is not cleaned of dirt, not treated with special lubricating compounds, it coagulates, loses its elasticity, blows appear and, as a result, its early replacement is required. The replacement procedure is fast and not very expensive. There are universal synthetic seals that are suitable for all windows and have improved performance properties, although they are slightly more expensive than standard ones.

Blowing around the perimeter of the sash? Is the compactor shrunk? More like  than rubber? Most likely it needs to be replaced.

  1. Elimination of small precursors of major problems.

It happens, we continue to use the windows, not paying attention to the appearance of extraneous sounds, appeared play in the fittings, difficulty in opening and closing the window. Meanwhile, this can be both a sign of a minor malfunction, which is eliminated by adjustment, and a sign of problems that require serious repair costs, up to replacing fittings and dismantling the structure.

There are clicks, creaks when turning the knob? The sash began to touch the frame? Loose handle? It is time to take urgent measures, and not to wait when the window cannot be closed or opened, the glass will burst ...

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in solving the "urgent" problems of wooden products.

By contacting us, you will receive:

  • high-quality service
  • guarantee for work performed
  • individual approach and flexible prices
  • the widest range of services for the repair and maintenance of windows for your convenience!

How we are working

We want to warn your question about the contracts: each of our master, going to the client, takes with him a complete set of documents that are necessary for the conclusion of the contract for the execution of works.

Discount system

Exclusively for our customers, we have developed a special system of discounts for the repair of windows, the installation of mosquito nets, blinds, roller blinds and door closers!

Moreover, we can always enter the position of such categories of citizens as the disabled and large families, which are served by us, too, with a 5% discount.

Guaranteed service quality

Our company gives a long-term guarantee for the following services:

  • installation of new slopes,
  • installation of double-glazed windows,
  • installation of window sills, seals, sashes, mosquito nets, blinds, roller blinds.

Also, the guarantee is given on the service for the installation and repair of accessories.

Always near you

The company has been in the market for many years. Her education was the result of high demand for services from the public, which was noted after the first experience of company executives to conduct their work on repairing windows in the Illinois state.

A special feature of our company is, above all, a narrow focus. Our competence is window repair. Such a narrow specialization allows our craftsmen to sharpen their skills “to shine” year after year, which allows us to provide our customers with smart windows repair in Illinois.

Among the additional features of the company is worth noting the established long-term cooperation with suppliers of materials for the repair of windows. This guarantees our customers proven high quality of purchased materials. And we, in turn, allows us to accurately calculate the time of manufacture and repair work for each client.

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