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Norco Window Repair


Norco Window Repair

The Norco window are a well-known brand

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  • Norco Window RepairReview
  • Norco Window RepairReview
  • Norco Window RepairReview
  • Norco Window RepairReview

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Norco Window Repair

Their unsurpassed quality, excellent sound and heat insulation, long operating life and easy maintenance have made them one of the leaders in the window market. But, despite all these remarkable qualities, any window requires a competent operation and periodical maintenance. Otherwise, there may be a number of problems in the condition of the window.

What is the common problem with the Norco window, and how it can be solved

Problem: One of the most common problems arising from the improper use of the window and condensation (evaporation) formation on the glass unit surface. Also condensate can be collected on the windowills and slopes.

Cause: This often happens in houses with poor ventilation, lack of central heating or their weak work. Also, in cases where the sill covers the radiator, in the room with a large number of indoor plants (watering the plants forms additional moisture), and also if you do not at all ventilate your rooms. Plastic window, unlike old wooden ones, are very tight and at high humidity can develop serious problems as moisture in the room accumulates and settles on the glass in the form of condensate. This can happen because the temperature of the glass unit inner surface or the window frame is much lower than the air temperature in the room. Plastic window do not contribute by themselves to the condensate formation in your place. They protect you from the cold, wind and noise and contribute to the creation of coziness in the house.

Solution: Ventilate the room more often, and this problem will not arise (3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes and every morning for 15-20 minutes). While ventilating the window, open them as much as possible or set aside in the depressurization mode (the handle rotates by 45 degrees) for a longer time.

If you have condensation inside the insulating glass unit, then it should be changed at the manufacturer expense. Of course, if you still have warranties from Norco window. If not then better to call our company and solve this issue immediately!

A few other problems which can be seen with Norco window

Problem: The window leaf opened in two planes (the upper loop is not pressed) and the leaf is held only on the lower loop and it cannot be fully closed.

Cause: Incorrect leaf opening (very fast turn of the handle) into a flip position.

Solution: Close the tight shutter by pressing on the profile with your hand so that the unlocking lock (the tab located under the handle) was pressed against the box as much as possible, turn the handle up to the folding position, then open the normal opening. Everything will fall into the place. If it did not work out, you should contact the company that installed the window or approach us directly.

Problem: At the onset of cold weather, it began to blow from the window.

Cause: If it blows out of your window then there can be a few reasons.

Blowing out from the window can be because lack of the sash tight fit the frame. This is happens when the window manufacturer tries to save on a quality sealant (elastic) or over time, the sealant (sometimes with insufficient care) has ceased to be elastic and out of order.

Blowing out of the window can also be due to luck of street joints seal (the mounting foam is not close properly), so the foam was exposed to direct sunlight and moisture began to crumble over time, allowing cold air to enter the room.

Blowing from the window along the perimeter sash window with the onset of cold weather may happen due to the fact that the window has been installed in the warm season, and as result, the fittings are adjusted for summer operation (weaker pressure).

Solution: It is necessary to replace old seals with new modern ones with increased service life. This kind of job can be done by our company for the reasonable price. And don’t forget! It is necessary to clean the old foam remnants and re-foam the window, from the street, cover the assembly seams with a special one-component acrylic sealant or seal the seams with plastic racks.

To prevent problems associated with compaction, purchase a care kit from the Norco window or from any other window shop. We also have a good solution for your window. Just call us and get it all right!

Leave a request and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home! Order a specialist visit for free