Window repair

Make your home warmer and more comfortable - windows repair of any configuration and types

Inexpensive window repair with a guarantee and all types of window accessories! Our company has specialized in window renovation for many years. We have established ourselves in this area for high-quality performance of services, a guarantee for all work performed and accessories, professionalism, and accuracy of the craftsmen. Our specialists serve windows of any type and profile of purpose. We will fix the breakdown of windows of any complexity.

Each order is individual and our masters will advise you free of charge and announce the approximate cost of the work already by phone. In our practice, we had to work with windows of non-standard sizes many times. Our craftsmen are well aware of their features and possible difficulties when repairing windows, replacing a glass unit, or adjusting accessories in non-standard windows.

The main task of our company is to restore the properties and appearance of windows to their original state for many years. We try to use our skills and tools as efficiently as possible so that you do not have to reapply for your window repair. For example, if it is necessary to restore the thermal insulation properties of a window, our masters will carry out the whole range of work: insulating a window sill, replacing a cracked glass unit, replacing a seal, and adjusting a window to adjust the pressure. We guarantee the quality of all work performed.

Our company repairs and restores such types of windows as:

  1. Single Hung Windows. This concept means a double-glazed unit with one chamber. Most often they are installed on balconies, loggias, and summer houses.
  2. Double Hung Windows. The standard design includes three glass panes and two glass spaces.
  3. Arched Windows. View of a window structure in which the upper part is bent in the form of an arch. Arched windows are produced by flexible standard profiles to the required radius of curvature.
  4. Awning Windows. The main purpose is to bring comfort along with natural sunlight.
  5. Bay Windows. Bay windows are light-transmitting structures located in the protruding part of the facade.
  6. Bow Windows. Unlike bay windows, each panel is the same size, creating a curved appearance.
  7. Casement Windows. They have loops on the side and open outward to the left or right.
  8. Egress Windows. They not only let in fresh air from the street, but also additionally illuminate the room.
  9. Garden Windows. It’s a type of windows, involving the extension of the translucent structure beyond the borders of the parapet or balcony slab.
  10. Glass Block Windows. A type of decorative glazing that also increases the illumination in the room.
  11. Hopper Windows. These are the windows that are designed to provide maximum indoor illumination.
  12. Jalousie Windows. They’re designed to be able to darken the room from light.
  13. Picture Windows. It allows to create modern architectural solutions in the exterior of residential and public buildings.
  14. Round Circle Windows. Installation will be appropriate for glazing attic floors and attics
  15. Skylight Windows. Provide excellent additional lighting in attics and attics.
  16. Sliding Windows. They help to significantly save the interior space of the room.
  17. Storm Windows. They protect not only from the vicissitudes of the weather, but also heat or extreme cold.
  18. Transom Windows. Most often, this is a small window without an opening mechanism. Used for additional lighting in any room.


Window repair prices

The main criterion for choosing a repair crew for many is the price for the work. If you need a quality window repair with a guarantee, this does not mean that it must necessarily be expensive.

In our company for many years of work, a production line has been assembled and debugged, and the supply of accessories from the supplier directly has been established. Due to this, as well as the high-quality performance of the work by the craftsmen, we were able to reduce the prices for window repairs, while maintaining the quality of work. Our prices are among the lowest. And also we have introduced a system of discounts for our clients.

Leave a request and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home! Order a specialist visit for free