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  • Double Hung Window Repair Review
  • Double Hung Window Repair Review
  • Double Hung Window Repair Review
  • Double Hung Window Repair Review
  • Double Hung Window Repair Review
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Window Brands we Repair
Pella Hurd Feldco Norco Andersen Milgard
Pella Double Hung Window Repair

Pella Double Hung Window Repair

Upgrade your windows with our professional Double Hung Replacement service! Our company specializes in window repairs and replacements, and we proudly offer top-quality Pella windows to enhance your home's aesthetics and energy efficiency.
Hurd Double Hung Window Repair

Hurd Double Hung Window Repair

Discover the transformative power of our Double Hung Replacement service for your Hurd windows! Our skilled team excels in window repair and replacement, and we exclusively work with Hurd windows to ensure long-lasting durability and enhanced functionality for your home.
Feldco Double Hung Window Repair

Feldco Double Hung Window Repair

Elevate your living space with our expert Double Hung Replacement service! As a trusted window repair and replacement company, we partner with Feldco to provide high-quality windows that perfectly fit your needs, ensuring improved insulation, ease of use, and timeless elegance.
Norco Double Hung Window Repair

Norco Double Hung Window Repair

Address the common issues with Norco windows using our tailored Double Hung Replacement service. Our expert team is dedicated to both repair and replacement, delivering the renowned quality and energy efficiency associated with Norco windows.
Andersen Double Hung Window Repair

Andersen Double Hung Window Repair

Enhance your home's beauty and performance with our premium Double Hung Replacement service! With our expertise in window repair and replacement, combined with the exceptional quality of Andersen windows, we guarantee a seamless installation that will delight you.
Milgard Double Hung Window Repair

Milgard Double Hung Window Repair

Navigate the challenges of Milgard windows seamlessly with our specialized Double Hung Replacement service. Committed to excellence, our team utilizes Milgard windows to ensure impeccable functionality and refined aesthetics in repairs and replacements.

Elevating Home Aesthetics - Double Hung Window Repair and Replacement

Double hung windows, a testament to architectural evolution, have a rich history that spans centuries. Originating in the U.K. and making their way across the ocean with colonists to the United States, they have left an indelible mark on historical and contemporary buildings. With their two sliding sashes, they have transitioned from their original counterweight mechanisms to modern spring balances, a journey that reflects the changing times while retaining their traditional charm.

The design and features of double hung windows are a blend of form and function. Offering versatility, they can open from the top or the bottom, with some models boasting inward-tilting sashes for effortless cleaning.

The variety of materials used, such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum, which cater to styles and upkeep preferences, enhances the flexibility. They not only offer airflow by letting in cool air from the bottom and releasing warm air from the top but also make it easy to repair and maintain double-hung windows, guaranteeing durability and efficiency.

In the realm of installation and service, double hung window installation and double hung window service have become streamlined thanks to the window's standardized double hung window parts. Whether it's a routine repair double hung window task or a full double hung window installation, professionals can efficiently address any need, ensuring that they remain a favored choice for their blend of beauty, functionality, and ease of maintenance.


The Comprehensive Guide to Design and Differences

Double hung windows stand out with their design, that includes two sashes, allowing for better airflow and simple upkeep. Below is a breakdown of their 12 essential components:




This component is the part of the window that holds the glass panes, featuring two movable sashes, upper and lower, that operate independently for ventilation and cleaning.


Horizontal elements that span the top and bottom of each sash, crucial for supporting the sash and enabling its vertical movement within the frame.


Vertical elements on the sides of the sashes, providing structural support and housing mechanisms for smooth sash operation.

Meeting Rail

The horizontal bar at the point where upper and lower sashes meet when closed, creating a seal against external elements and contributing to energy efficiency.

Sash Locks

Located at the meeting rail, these mechanisms lock the sashes together when closed, enhancing both the seal and security of the window.


Counterweights concealed within the frame, balancing the sash's weight to facilitate easy opening and closing of traditional double-hung windows.


Vertical parts of the window frame encasing the sashes, ensuring structural integrity and providing a track for sash movement.


The decorative trim visible around the window from the inside, hiding the gap between the window frame and wall for a polished appearance.


The bottom horizontal part of the frame, supporting the lower sash in its closed position and directing water away from the interior.

Sash Lifts

Handles or pulls on the lower sash's bottom rail, designed for ease of operation in opening and closing the window.

Check Rails

Positioned on both sashes to maintain alignment and prevent air infiltration when the window is shut, ensuring a snug fit.

Jamb Liners

Found in modern versions of double-hung windows, these replace traditional balances, encasing them to support smooth sash movement.


When you compare single hung and double hung windows, the key difference is how they work. The second onehas two panels offering various ventilation options, making cleaning easier. Thefirstone is fixed, with only the lower one adjustable.

Double hung windows can be made from materials like wood for their appearance, vinyl for their lasting nature and minimal upkeep requirements, or fiberglass and aluminum for their modern look and robust construction.

They offer a world of possibilities in terms of size and customization. They can be tailored to fit the unique architectural needs of any project, enhancing their versatility for various building styles. Whether standard sizes or custom dimensions, the installation of double hung windows caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for any setting.

Thanks to the standardized parts used in these openings, fixing or servicing them is easier. This simplifies maintenance. Double hung window repair is more accessible and less time-consuming for homeowners.


Navigating the Troubles of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows, with their energy-efficient design and versatile style options, stand as a hallmark of convenience in modern homes. However, they are not without their challenges, especially as colder weather ushers in various potential issues. From broken seals to difficulty opening and drafty frames, these common problems can often lead to discomfort and increased energy bills. This guide delves into the most frequent complications homeowners face with these elements and outlines effective strategies for addressing them, including double hung window repair, double hung window installation, and double hung window parts replacement.

  1. Broken Seal: A persistent fog between the panes signals a compromised seal, a situation where double hung window repair service becomes essential. Addressing this early can prevent the exacerbation of insulation problems, maintaining the window's energy efficiency.
  2. Difficulty Opening: Swollen wood can hinder window operation, necessitating a solution that might include double hung window sash replacement or comprehensive double hung wood windows restoration to ensure long-term usability and prevent recurring issues.
  3. Cracked, Warped, or Rotted Wood: Exposure to elements can damage wooden windows, leading to cracks, warping, or rot. Double hung window sill repair service can restore the integrity of the window structure, while severe damage might require full double hung window installation for a lasting solution.
  4. Drafty Windows: Replacing weather stripping or undertaking a full window replacement with more energy-efficient models can resolve drafts. This improvement, often handled by professionals, enhances comfort and contributes to energy savings.
  5. Broken Glass: For broken or cracked window panes, double hung window glass replacement is a straightforward yet effective fix, ensuring safety and restoring the window's aesthetic and functional value.
  6. Water Leak: Addressing water leaks may involve sill repair window, checking for failed sealant, or improving flashing around the window. Timely repair window sash and perimeter sealant checks can prevent water damage and protect the home's interior.
  7. Condensation: A sign of seal failure, condensation requires either a gas refill or a complete window replacement. This fix, crucial for maintaining insulation, may involve professional double hung window repair services to ensure the window retains energy-efficient qualities.


The Benefits of Double Hung Windows

In the evolving realm of home upgrades, these elements have reshaped the benchmarks for functionality, safety, and visual appeal in residential design. This detailed examination explores the advantages of incorporating double hung windows into living spaces and highlights their benefits.


  • Ventilation: Embracing Fresh Air
    The innovative design of double hung windows promotes a superior ventilation system within your home. They can regulate airflow effortlessly by enabling both upper and lower sashes to move. Whether you welcome a breeze into your space or ensure air circulation throughout your residence, double hung windows emerge as a versatile choice. Their intrinsic design allows for installation and supports efficient repairs, ensuring optimal performance over time.
  • Enhanced Security: Strengthening Your Sanctuary
    Safety is a priority for every homeowner, and double hung windows address this concern with sturdy construction. The option to open the sash while keeping the other securely closed protects against accidental falls, making them a secure choice for households with children and pets. Additionally, having access to components for double hung window repair services can simplify the maintenance process, enhancing your home's security by ensuring the windows remain intact and functional, thus deterring potential intruders.
  • Easier Cleaning: Streamlining Maintenance
    Their design makes cleaning a breeze. The ability to tilt them inward allows for cleaning both the outside surfaces from within your home, eliminating the need for ladders or external assistance. This user-friendly feature, coupled with window replacement services, ensures that your openings can stay in top condition with minimal hassle.
  • Stylish Choices: Enhancing Aesthetics
    Double hung windows offer a blend of functionality and style. Available in a range of designs, materials, and finishes, they complement your home architecture and interior decor. Whether you are replacing double hung windows or considering installing ones, the variety of stylish choices allows you to find the perfect match for your aesthetic preferences.
  • Child Safe Design: Putting Children First
    One aspect of double hung windows is their child-friendly design. Choosing windows that can be opened from the top enhances safety for families with young children. Additionally, they are easy to repair, creating an environment for kids to enjoy and grow in.
  • Energy Efficiency: A Sustainable Choice
    Energy efficiency is another benefit of double hung windows. Their seals and modern glass technology help regulate temperatures and reduce energy usage. This saves money on utility bills and promotes environmental sustainability. Having repair and replacement services available ensures that any issues can be promptly fixed, preserving the energy-saving features in the long run.


Double Hung Window Replacement Cost - An In-Depth Manual

When embarking on home renovations, it's crucial to grasp the double hung window replacement cost. This understanding is pivotal in your decision-making process, allowing you to plan your budget effectively. Double hung windows, renowned for their timeless charm, come with varying price points influenced by key factors. Each element, such as size, type, brand, and energy efficiency, contributes to the cost of installing double hung windows. Local installation fees, labor costs, and necessary demolition work can also impact your budget. Let's delve into the factors influencing double hung window replacement costs and provide an overview of leading double hung window brands. This analysis illuminates product pricing and installation costs.

Variables Influencing Double Hung Window Costs:

  1. Size: Larger windows incur costs as they require more materials for framing and glass.
  2. Type: The market offers a range of window styles, from basic to luxury options, with frame material choice impacting the overall price.
  3. Brand: Established brands often come with premium prices and offer quality products, durability, and reliable warranties.
  4. Energy Efficiency: When enhancing your home's energy efficiency, opting for double or triple-pane glass windows may require an upfront investment. However, this choice can significantly save you money on your energy bills in the long run.
  5. Local Installation and Labor Costs: Keep in mind that the prices for double hung window installation and labor can vary depending on the contractor's experience and your location.
  6. Demolition: The complexity of removing windows in houses with stucco can also affect the overall cost of replacing double hung windows.

Best Double Hung Window Brands and Costs:


Price per Double Hung Window

Costs to Install


$600 - $1500

$180 - $500


$500 - $1500

$180 - $500


$450 - $1500

$180 - $500


$500 - $1450

$180 - $500


$450 - $1300

$180 - $500


$500 - $1500

$180 - $500

Weather Shield

$450 - $1450

$180 - $500


These numbers are estimates and might differ depending on the details of the double hung window setup or double hung window replacement service. Premium materials, unique designs, and energy-saving elements typically raise the cost.


Choosing Double Hung Window Installer - Ensuring Quality and Affordability

Here's how to navigate the replacement process by concentrating on three factors.


  • Licensing and Credentials
    Firstly, verifying the licensing and qualifications of the double hung window replacement service providers is crucial. A licensed contractor not only indicates that they have met the required standards for skill and safety established by authorities but also provides a sense of security. Qualifications like certifications from window manufacturers or industry organizations demonstrate training and expertise. These certifications reassure homeowners that their double hung window installation project complies with quality and safety criteria, offering peace of mind throughout the project. 
  • Price and Quote
    Price is always a factor to consider. Obtain estimates from double hung window replacement services to compare prices. However, it's essential to look beyond the numbers. A detailed estimate should cover all aspects of the installation, including materials, labor, and additional services.
    This transparency is important to prevent expenses and guarantee that the price reflects the level of craftsmanship and materials used. Finding the sweet spot between price and quality is more important than getting the lowest offer.
  • Warranty and Guarantees
    Additionally, it's important to ask about the warranty and guarantee that the service provides double hung window replacements. A comprehensive warranty should cover not just the windows themselves but also the quality of the installation work. Guarantees related to the durability and performance of the windows can assure you that any future issues will be addressed without charge. This level of service offers long-term protection for your investment, providing homeowners with a sense of reassurance about the longevity of their new elements and the commitment of the installers to their work.

Argo Glass & Windows is a leader in both double hung window repair and double hung window replacement, delivering the superior advantages of these esteemed products to residences. Our proficient team excels in double hung window installation, adeptly fitting new windows to match any architectural design. For those on the hunt for 'double hung windows near me,' our accessible services offer swift and dependable solutions. We provide an extensive selection of double hung window parts to meet all repair and upkeep requirements. Our double hung window service is designed to boost your home's beauty, energy efficiency, and safety. If you're specifically searching for 'double hung window replacement near me,' our regional know-how guarantees expedient and effective enhancements. Choose us for your double hung window demands, where excellence and accuracy converge for every endeavor.



Pella double hung windows combine timeless style with convenience, offering open lower sashes for better airflow and easy maintenance. Their energy-efficient design helps reduce heating and cooling expenses, making them a wise pick for any household.

Andersen double hung windows are renowned for their strength and low upkeep requirements, featuring sashes on both ends for ventilation and simple interior cleaning. Their energy-saving technology guarantees a living environment year-round.

Milgard double hung windows offer a fusion of classic beauty and contemporary functionality. They have tilt-in sashes for effortless cleaning and great ventilation choices. Their thermal efficiency helps maintain temperatures and lower utility bills.

Hurd double hung windows are crafted to marry aesthetics with usability, allowing for wood interiors and energy-efficient attributes. They promote air circulation and easy cleaning access, elevating the value and comfort of any residence.

Feldco double hung windows are recognized for their top-notch insulation properties and smooth operation, featuring tilt-in sashes for cleaning. Their sturdy build coupled with an energy-efficient design makes them an excellent option to combat weather conditions while reducing energy usage.

Norco double hung windows boast versatility paired with high-quality construction, ensuring adequate airflow and effortless maintenance.

Improving energy efficiency reduces your utility bills and enhances your home's comfort and value.

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People Questions

  • What advantages do double-hung windows offer?

    Double-hung windows are preferred by homeowners because they are easy to operate, simple to clean and give you more design options to make your house look better.
  • How long do double hung windows last?

    Double hung windows can last up to 20 years or even more, depending on the frame material and quality of windows.
  • Are double hung windows efficient?

    Due to the fact that double hung windows offer excellent energy efficiency, they are quite popular among homeowners.
  • Why do double hung windows break?

    Among the most common issues with double hung windows are glass or mechanisms breakages.
  • What are the reasons to replace a double hung window?

    If your old windows are difficult to operate and have poor energy efficiency, it is the reason to consider replacement.
  • What are the reasons to repair double hung windows?

    The main reason for double hung windows to be repaired is poor functioning of the structure. If double hung windows won’t stay up or have rotted wood, you should get a repair service.

Double hung window are most common for American homes, and we have years of experience in repairing them. Reach out to us, for fixing the balances, replacing the panes or restoring the frame.

The windows in your home serve several important purposes. They let in light, open up a view of the street and allow you to ventilate the room. Even the simplest window will protect the room from moisture, wind, cold and other weather conditions. But why are double windows needed, if one layer of the window can also protect from weather conditions? First of all, each camera is a plus for energy saving. In addition to a high level of thermal insulation, double-glazed windows can also provide good sound insulation.

Double-hung windows are very popular with homeowners because both the top and bottom sashes open, offering flexible air flow options.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have their advantages:

  1. Double insulation. The main advantage of such window systems is their increased thermal insulation qualities. Double glazed windows keep warm air as much as possible, do not allow any drafts. Such windows are in great demand, because they help to save on heating the rooms and save heat. In hot weather, such systems let in much less warm air from the outside, so it will be easier to keep the house cool. The bright daylight will illuminate the room, but the heat from the street will not affect you.
  2. Reliability and safety of double glazed plastic windows. Compared to standard glass units, double glazing is a safer and more reliable option. Single glazing can break much easier and faster, and it takes a lot of effort to get inside a double glazed room. While it is easy and convenient to open and close double-glazed windows, breaking them is more difficult.
  3. Reduces the amount of condensation inside your windows. Condensation can often form on the windows during the cold season. This not only damages the appearance of the windows, but also prevents natural light from entering the room. In this case, the house becomes darker and darker. Thus, you will also have to increase your heating costs, because the heat will be weakly retained inside. Since double glazing helps to save heat several times better and has an increased thermal barrier, this allows condensation to be reduced several times.
  4. Noise isolation. Double glazing does not allow outside noise from the street to enter the room. They help to restore coziness in the room, even in noisy areas.

But its effectiveness and how much you notice these benefits will depend on what you replace and the quality of the product you buy.

Main problems with Double-Hung Windows

There is a downside to this kind of improvement in plastic windows. The main disadvantage is the price. It is difficult to call it a disadvantage, because it is quite natural and logical when the price rises as it improves. Single-chamber plastic windows have a low price and low efficiency, two-chamber windows are already more expensive, but they also cope with their tasks several times better. Another nuance is the large weight of plastic windows with multi-chamber double-glazed windows. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase high-quality fittings, which also affects the price.

How to Maintenance of Double-Hung Windows

Double-glazed windows with two double-glazed windows are the warmest window solution available in construction today. Many types of windows nowadays have high thermal characteristics, but by doubling these indicators, we can achieve that one can forget about heat loss altogether. However, remember that installation will require care and precision. We advise you to involve professional craftsmen to perform this procedure, because the slightest distortion can result in drafts and loss of tightness. You can turn to ARGO Glass&Windows for the services you need. Not only do we repair broken glass and replace window panes, but we also repair damaged components.

Leave a request and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home! Order a specialist visit for free