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Types of repair that we carry out

Double glazing replacement

Replacing the glass - one of the most common services, in case the old one was accidentally broken or cracked. We will make a new one in a short time and install it carefully so that you will not notice the difference.

Repair and adjustment of accessories

Fitting adjustments may be necessary in situations where the window sash has been blowing and drafts have appeared. This simple event will save you from the penetration of cold air into the room.

Replacing the rubber seal

With the exploitation of structures, they tend to wear out. In these cases, the examination and the necessary replacement of rubber seal, responsible for the tight fit of the sash to the window frame.

Our experts will be able to repair windows of any complexity. To do this, you need to leave your contact information and we will be able to send the master to you directly to the house, coordinating the time of arrival.

Our company will quickly repair windows in Wisconsin at an attractive cost. You can get acquainted with the tariffs for frequently performed work on our website or by calling the manager by phone.

Repair windows in Wisconsin quickly, efficiently, reliably

It should be noted separately that the wizard on repairing windows, leaving for the objects, has with him all the necessary tools and materials to eliminate many troubles. Specialists have extensive experience in this field and have all the required skills to solve the tasks.

Repair of windows, carried out by employees of our company - is the key to successful operation of the product in the future and its trouble-free operation for many years. We can boast of the high quality of our services at a low cost!

Technical service of windows

Your windows will last much longer if you give them a little attention at least once a year. Cleaning the frame and glass, lubricating mechanisms, adjusting accessories and a few kind words will allow the window construction to serve you faithfully for many years. You can do some simple operations yourself, but such manipulations as window repair are best trusted by professionals.

To ensure the stable operation of all translucent structures (windows, doors, entrance groups), proper care and constant maintenance is required, which will significantly reduce the failure rate and the risk of breakage. By entrusting this work to the specialists of our company, you solve all the problems that arise as a result of misuse and lack of care.

If you do not want to spend your nerves and pay for a full repair in case of an unsuccessful attempt to adjust a complex mechanism, it is better to contact us immediately.

Into service includes:

  • inspection and preventive diagnostics of rubber seals, wear of accessories, the presence of sagging, the quality of the installation seam.
  • adjustment of window casements and accessories for free running
  • lubrication, cleaning, broaching elements of fittings, mechanisms and dust removal
  • cleaning, greasing of sealing rubber (if necessary - replacement)
  • processing of frames with special compositions (depending on the type of profile);
  • cleaning drainage channels
  • adjustment of a clamp of a shutter to a frame.

Think about the maintenance of windows is not only when your windows for many years, but even when you just moved into a new house.

If repair is no longer possible

Repair is an extremely financially viable option. But if the technical condition of the existing window is completely unsatisfactory, you should think about installing a new one. We are ready to offer you windows with an excellent value for money from leading global manufacturers.

Our company is ready to prove to you that repairing windows in Wisconsin cheaply is not a forced compromise, but a conscious, weighted and justified decision. We appreciate each of our clients and hope that you will not regret contacting us. Call our company and we will try to prove it to you!

When concluding a contract for service and maintenance, repair of windows, you get the following benefits:

  • Fixed cost.
  • No risks associated with unscrupulous contractors.
  • Additional discounts.

We are pleased if you choose our company, in return for excellent service and high quality service.

We will do everything to give your windows warmth and comfort for many years. Contact us right now and get high-quality windows repair in Wisconsin at competitive prices.

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