• Is it possible to repair / install windows in the rain?

    Is it possible to repair / install windows in the rain?

    03 June, 2019 Installing windows is not an easy thing. However, the main difficulties are connected not with the use of any complex equipment and tools, not with the adjustment of complex systems, but with a purely human factor. Manufacturers of windows did their best to make installation quick and without problems. But if the approach is irresponsible, the result is unlikely to leave anyone satisfied.
  • What to do when window is broken?

    What to do when window is broken?

    02 June, 2019 Damaged, or broken glass - a phenomenon far from the most pleasant. And when the window is damaged during the cold season, the situation looks altogether sad. Trouble? Yes. But not a disaster. Plastic windows with broken glass to be repaired - replacing the glass will not be a problem.
  • How do you secure a broken window?

    How do you secure a broken window?

    27 May, 2019 Almost any property has windows, and they are the most vulnerable to mechanical stress. Even a modern window from a well-known manufacturer can be broken for certain circumstances. The slightest awkward movement can lead to the deformation of the glass, which will require its subsequent replacement. There may be tricks of the vandals who just want to hurt, breaking the window to his enemy.
  • How do you seal a cracked window?

    How do you seal a cracked window?

    22 May, 2019 If you are the owner of the property, you should pay special attention to the condition of the windows. It happens that the double-glazed windows are damaged, and the presence of cracks leads to depressurization of the window, its fogging, as well as deterioration of strength properties. Of course, in such a situation it is worth contacting a specialized company and using the services of replacing double-glazed windows.
  • How do you tape a cracked window?

    How do you tape a cracked window?

    20 May, 2019 Even the best quality windows from famous manufacturers are not insured against mechanical damage. This component of real estate is one of the most vulnerable. A considerable number of events can occur that can lead to cracking of a glass unit. This circumstance leads to the adoption of appropriate decisions to temporarily restore the tightness of the window and be able to use it. In the future, in any case, you will have to contact a specialized company, since this is the only way to restore the window unit to its original state and continue operation in normal mode. Practice shows that every year there is an increasing number of special tools for such repairs.
  • How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

    How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

    16 May, 2019 Windows are one of the most unprotected areas of any property, so sometimes they are deformed. You can solve the problem of a broken window by resorting to the services of qualified specialists specializing in repair work. In this case, the window can be quickly restored to its original state. It so happens that there is no financial means or time to properly repair the window, so you have to take temporary measures. Practice shows that there are many ways to fix a broken window on their own, but this will only remove the need for the services of the masters, without getting rid of the problem for a long time.
  • How long should double pane windows last?

    How long should double pane windows last?

    13 May, 2019 Recently, double pane windows have become the most sought-after, as they have an excellent price-quality ratio. It is these products that are actively bought for durable use, so that later they will not be faced with replacing windows almost every year. Modern plastic and wooden window blocks can boast a very long operational period. They are made from high-quality raw materials with modern equipment, and manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 40 years on their products. From this we can conclude that the life of the glass can be about the same duration.
  • How cold is too cold to install Windows?

    How cold is too cold to install Windows?

    09 May, 2019 Almost every property has windows. They are one of the weakest parts in the structure, as they can be damaged due to exposure to the environment or mechanical factors. There is no reason to doubt that such a window will quickly fail.
  • Why do windows in a house mist and how to fix it?

    Why do windows in a house mist and how to fix it?

    04 May, 2019 As soon as the cold season comes, you can see condensation on your windows. It accumulates in different quantities, but always indicates a depressurization of a window in one place or another. Even if double-glazed windows are installed, this trouble can also manifest itself. If there is too much moisture outside the window, which has nowhere to be drained, then over time the appearance of condensate will be normal. If this phenomenon is not observed, then it is worth resorting to window maintenance, since further repairs may be expensive.
  • How to deal with fungus?

    How to deal with fungus?

    02 May, 2019 The owners of wooden windows in the framework of their real estate are constantly forced to maintain them in a decent technical condition, as otherwise the operational period will be significantly reduced. Wooden windows from well-known manufacturers have a rather long service life, but if they are properly maintained. The fungus has a negative effect on wood, destroying its structure. In the course of his life, he himself forms the environment for even faster development. All this leads to the fact that the integrity is simply violated.
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