Can I repair a window with a broken seal?

If your windows are old enough, then it will not be superfluous to check the integrity of the seals installed in them.

It is quite normal that, as such structures are used, their sealing elements crack, deform, and because of this, the windows cease to perform their proper functions. Determining that the seals are to be replaced is quite simple - you need to check whether condensate is collected in the area of ​​the double-glazed windows. If we are talking about windows equipped with a pair or three double-glazed windows, they have higher reliability, so if one seal fails, you will not notice anything, and condensate will not manifest itself even with an abrupt change in temperature.

What should I do if the seal is damaged?

In this case, only one option - the worn window element must be replaced with a new analogue. Fortunately, finding a suitable option will not cause any problems. In order to avoid mistakes, we strongly recommend that you contact a proven professional who can replace the seal quickly and inexpensively. To feel the failure of the seal can be a significant reduction in energy saving windows. If the room is constantly cold and it takes longer to heat it, then in this case it is definitely necessary to replace the seals. Visually, it will be extremely difficult to determine the state of the seal, as sometimes the slightest change in its shape can lead to window depressurization.

In case the window starts to leak moisture, then this is the first sign of failure of sealing rubber bands. In this situation, you should immediately contact the experts and use their help. If not the seal is damaged, and the frame itself was deformed, you will have to face the replacement of the window, as the seal will not help to correct the situation. Practice shows that in most cases, replacing seals allows you to achieve the desired result, and the window frames are deformed extremely rarely.

Is it possible to delay the replacement of seals?

Many masters agree that it is not necessary to change the deformed seals in the windows immediately; as such a breakdown manifested itself. From this point on, the windows simply cease to be one hundred percent airtight, but at the same time they do well with their other tasks. If the windows are not wooden, the accumulated condensate will not disable them in the near future. In any case, it will be necessary to bear in mind the need to repair installed windows.

Provided that you live in places where the climate is rather complicated, there are constantly frosts or hot heat, in this case, windows should be repaired in a timely manner, as they can cause a lot of inconvenience. Practice shows that seals most often fail where the air temperature and humidity are constantly changing. In some cases, it is necessary to simply change the windows to new ones, as it is simply not possible to select the seals of the desired size, especially if windows from foreign manufacturers are used. The cost of services for the replacement of this element of design is small, so there is no reason to refuse to cooperate with experienced professionals. They will be able to evaluate the actual condition of the windows and make up the front of the upcoming work. In this case, it will be possible to quickly and efficiently carry out the repair of windows and return to them all the performance qualities declared by the manufacturer.


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