Can I repair window seals?

Windows from modern manufacturers are famous for their impressive reliability, but even they may require scheduled repairs over time.

Most often, sealing gum fails, so the window is depressurized, and water and air from the street penetrate inside the room. Some people believe that it is easier to replace the window with a new one, and thus get rid of the problems. This option has the right to exist, but it will require considerable financial costs on your part. In any case, it will be possible to solve the problem.

How to detect seal wear?

If you began to notice the formation of condensate between the glasses of your window, then this is a clear sign of depressurization and failure of the seal. As for the factories, they use special equipment to check the integrity of the seals and their effectiveness. If something is wrong with the seal, then in this case you will feel a draft, and condensate will be a constant phenomenon. If you touch the glass, you can also determine the degree of wear of the seals.

Provided that it is cold, you will need to take appropriate measures. If it is cool outside the window, then it is worth checking the window in the same way as soon as it gets warmer. When the seal is broken, it must be replaced with a new one.

Not everyone can replace the seal by himself. The procedure itself is not particularly difficult, but it requires experience and special equipment. As soon as the old seal is removed, it is unacceptable to install a new one. The surface should be washed and degreased. After that, the remnants of moisture and dust are removed, a special glue is applied, and only then a seal is installed. Some double-glazed windows after dismantling triple their operational properties, so they should be replaced with new ones or sent to the factory. Repair in any case will be made individually. Not every master has the equipment through which it is possible to restore such double-glazed windows.

Practice shows that the timely replacement of sealing elements will significantly extend the operational life of the window, as well as prevent the occurrence of other breakdowns. If you notice that the sealing elements have lost their stated properties, you should immediately seek the help of experts!


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