Can I replace window frames?

Window frames are the main strength structure of each window and are responsible for its durability with operational characteristics.

When the window frames are damaged, because of this, the tightness of the structure is broken, the cold outside air gets into the house, and condensation begins to accumulate inside the window. Each responsible property owner must ensure that the windows retain their original appearance and functional qualities. If this rule is violated, you will have to resort to replacing the window or its individual parts.

How exactly to make repairs, can prompt the experts of relevant companies who arrive at the object and carefully examine the state of each individual window. Prices for the services of specialists may vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, as well as the cost of the windows themselves and the extent of their damage.

What are the window frames?

There are several types of window frames, differing among themselves in energy conservation efficiency. Also, all these types are distinguished by their cost and numerous technical characteristics.

  1. Plastic frames - they are made of polyvinyl chloride with the addition of various stabilizers, allowing achieving the maximum duration of the operating period. Practice shows that such structures are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Wooden frames - they are made from natural wood, famous for aesthetic beauty and durability. The main thing is that the frame was originally made of high quality raw materials and at the same time it was treated with special impregnations. Otherwise, wood window frames can quickly become unusable.
  3. Metal or aluminum frames - are made from these metals and are famous for their incredible strength and durability, although they require periodic maintenance.
  4. Fiberglass frames - they are produced with high accuracy in specified sizes and at the same time allow for the best possible isolation from moisture and outside air. The characteristic advantage of such frames is that they are practically not exposed to the external environment; therefore they serve for a long time.
  5. Composite frames - they are quite rare, as they are made from cheap wood waste, such as chipboard or laminated veneer lumber. As a result, these windows are the most unreliable and constantly require attention.

If there are any problems with the window frame, do not ignore this circumstance. You need to immediately seek help from a specialized company. It is not always possible to eliminate the damage by our own efforts due to the lack of experience in this matter and a specialized tool. Recently, many companies have emerged that are capable of repairing a window frame in a short time, no matter what material it was made from. Only under the condition of cooperation with professionals, it will be possible to have confidence in the implementation of high-quality repair of windows and that they will serve for a long time without causing any trouble.


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