How to replace a broken window glass

Broken or cracked glass is always an unpleasant surprise and must be removed as soon as possible, especially if it happened during a cold period.

This can be done independently if your house has wooden window.

The first thing that needs to be done is to remove all fragments so that no one gets hurt. Do not forget that the glass edges are very sharp, therefore before removal put on thick gloves and prepare a plastic bucket or a thick cardboard box for shards of glass. Carefully, without haste, remove all fragments from the window sash, starting with those that hang over the top of the sash. If the fragments have interfered with beadings, they also should be removed. Using a chisel or flat screwdriver, pry it along the entire length in several places but do not press hard so that no dents remain on the frame.

What to do next

The next step is to measure the size of the glass. We take a tape measure and measure the width at the top and bottom of the sash (this is especially true if you have old wooden window). Repeat these steps, measuring the height of the sash. The resulting size is reduced by a few millimeters so that after glass inserting there is a gap between it and the frame. Order desired glass size can be done in specialized workshops. For insertion, we recommend choosing a glass with a thickness of no more than 4 mm. Ask to clean the edges. Carefully pack transported sheets in a special protective film, which is fixed with adhesive tape. Such packaging allows you to transport glass safely and conveniently.

Tools and materials for work:

  • wooden beadings, footage according to the measurements already taken;
  • hammer and nails, do not take a large size;
  • thick cardboard sheet;
  • sealant or specialized putty.

Work on the replacement of small glass can be carried out without removing the window construction. But for convenience, it is better to remove the sash from the hinges and put them on a flat surface.

Using a chisel, remove the old window putty and nails. It is necessary to clean the folds of rotting parts and dirt, the frame should be dry and clean at the time of the work. Insert glass into the frame to check its size. If it is easy to enter and there are small gaps of a few mm around the perimeter, then everything is in order. Pull it out carefully and set it aside where no one will touch it.

To ensure a glass snug fit to the frame, apply a sealant or window putty, one-third of its height, around the leaf perimeter. Carefully insert, and then slightly press glass to the frame so that it fits snugly. It can be fixed with the help of beadings. Thereon broken glass replacement work is over.


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