Non-standard wooden window

Today, the absolute majority of customers prefer custom-made wooden window manufacturing services

At the same time, there are a lot of such clients who prefer non-standard window. Where did the expression of such a serious interest in the unusual window form come from?

Everything is relatively simple! These days, people seek opportunity not only to make their home beautiful and cozy. A huge role in the house design plays his personality. And what could be more unusual than a non-standard approach to the choice of window designs? After all, they can perfectly complement the design of an apartment or a private house.

Which designs would be better

Non-standard wooden window designs are an elegant opportunity to express your fantasy in the beauty of forms, emphasize your own taste, love of style, and singularity. Such window forms will always work in favor of the house owner’s mood or its guests and this is a fact.

Today, you can make wooden window, which will be very different from what we got used to. They can be designed in the form of a circle, a triangle, a non-equilibrium trapezium, a rhombus, etc. window can be simply polygonal or composed of several figures at the same time, one of which contains more or less standard elements.

The unique shape of wooden window can be simply coated with colorless high-quality varnish. This will fully preserve the texture of the wood from harsh weather. However, there are also such customers who prefer to cover wooden window with laminated film or colored paints. This was can be possible thanks to a wide choice of colors, each of which can be beaten in a special way in the particular room interior. Such window are often selected unique electric lighting and curtains.

How long will take to produce it

On average, custom window construction takes from one to four weeks. Everything will depend on the complexity of the ordered design. For such structures, it is very important to correctly select appropriate fittings that will be able to withstand additional load. This will help to avoid the appearance of frames distortions and their damage.
With proper manufacturing, specialists may consider the possibility of airing such window, opening and closing them.

It should be noted that not any restoration can lead to such a wonderful transformation of old wooden window. Restoring window with the maximum effect is possible only if this procedure is performed by professionals with extensive experience. Address to experts. We, in turn, will provide you with the maximum effect to achieve comfort in your house.


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