What to do when window is broken?

Damaged, or broken glass - a phenomenon far from the most pleasant.

And when the window is damaged during the cold season, the situation looks altogether sad. Trouble? Yes. But not a disaster. Plastic windows with broken glass to be repaired - replacing the glass will not be a problem.

The first thing you need to do is look around the room where the broken window is located. If you were not present during the damage and have already found a window in this state, then very carefully inspect the room for the presence of sharp fragments. If at the time of the break you were inside, then check yourself to see if flying glass has hurt you.

Then you should check the house for the presence of strangers, check the alarm - turn it on if it is disabled. And call the police right away. Most likely, the window was smashed to get into your house.

Recovery Steps

If one of the glasses is broken or cracked, first of all you need to seal the hole or crack with any material. The depressurization of the window has already happened, there's nothing to be done, but you still need to keep the maximum heat in the house. It is more difficult if both glasses are broken and the window is damaged very badly. Then it will have to be closed with plywood, and if it is cold outside, try to seal the barrier and warm the window opening with the help of available tools. In the cold, this task should be addressed first and foremost.

How to protect windows from vandalism?

Naturally, when a window is broken, you will have to worry about replacing it as soon as possible. But in order to maximally eliminate such a nuisance, you should initially think about ordering windows with shockproof glazing. In this case, both tempered glass and triplex glass, or glass using a protective film, can be used.

  1. Tempered glass

Tempered glass is almost indistinguishable from the usual, but when it hits, it does not shatter into fragments, it just cracks, and minor shocks and loads do not affect its integrity at all. And even if such a glass is broken, it will be absolutely safe for a person. However, it is necessary to drill and cut such glass before it is hardened.

  1. Triplex Glass

Triplex glass is multi-layered and rather expensive. Its advantages are in resistance to even the highest loads and strong shocks, and when breaking the glass fragments will be held by the film.

  1. Glass with protective film

Glass with a protective film is more affordable than triplex. It is economical, environmentally friendly and effective. After a special polymer film is applied to the glass, it will become impact-resistant, fire-resistant and will not crumble into shards upon impact. And even if an attacker breaks such a window, the hole in it will not be larger than the size of the tool used to break it.

If the window was broken accidentally, and there is no point in taking serious steps, then be sure to remove all the fragments, and only then proceed to repair the window opening.

Windows are one of the less protected areas of any property. In the case of a mechanical impact glass packs crack and become useless. It so happened that even good and decent people have ill-wishers who will make every effort to harm. One way is to split a window or several windows. Many people who have not encountered such problems before simply have no idea how to get out of the situation. In today's article, we will not talk about going to the police and resolving the conflict as a whole, but let's talk about what actions need to be taken when the window is broken, and we need to restore its tightness before replacing the glass panes with new ones. This question is quite popular, so we decided to give answers in a compressed format.

What actions to take?

Initially, you need to assess the level of damage, to analyze how seriously damaged glass. If there are small cracks on the outer glass, in this case they can be repaired with silicone glue, but you need to choose transparent mixtures so as not to visually seam the seam. Also, cracks can be glued using colorless nail polish and specialized formulations designed specifically for this purpose. Performing such repair work, you need to remember that all this is only temporary measures, so you should in the future be sure to replace the glass. If he has at least a small mechanical damage, then the risk of depressurization of the window increases. In winter, it will cause the windows to fog, condensate build-up, and also drafts inside the room.

If the degree of damage to the glass will be more serious, and the glass unit will be partially absent due to the strong destruction of the glass, then the appeared space should be closed. For this you can use polyethylene, plywood or plastic sheets. You can fix them with scotch tape or similar materials. Repair of this nature will also be strictly temporary, and in the future will inevitably have to face the replacement of the glass, contacting a specialized company. It is important to soberly assess the degree of damage to the structure and its capabilities. If you do not want to burden yourself with temporary repairs, you can immediately contact the experts and install new windows. Additionally, they can be strengthened with a transparent film, which will increase the strength characteristics of the glass unit.

Let's sum up

It is possible to repair a broken window, but on its own it is possible to achieve only a small and short-term result. Do not despair, because the cost of a new glass unit and its installation will be democratic, so you do not have to face significant time and money. To ensure the tightness of the window for several days is quite real, and the work can be done on its own with minimal investment of funds. Subsequently, professionals from the profile company will arrive at the site, assess the extent of damage, and make repairs that allow windows to be restored to their factory condition. The main thing is to choose a reliable performer who can boast of having the necessary resources to carry out repair work on time and with high quality.


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