Why do windows in a house mist and how to fix it?

As soon as the cold season comes, you can see condensation on your windows. It accumulates in different quantities, but always indicates a depressurization of a window in one place or another. Even if double-glazed windows are installed, this trouble can also manifest itself. If there is too much moisture outside the window, which has nowhere to be drained, then over time the appearance of condensate will be normal. If this phenomenon is not observed, then it is worth resorting to window maintenance, since further repairs may be expensive.

If your windows have become spontaneously misting, then don’t despair. They simply require routine maintenance, which does not require significant cash costs on your part. Condensate is a sign of the failure of the sealing elements of the window, and may also cause the inert gas to volatilize from the glass unit. Regardless of this, any malfunction can be fixed in a short time. Initially, it is necessary to determine what caused the windows to mist up, since otherwise it would not be possible to make a good repair.

What causes condensation?

Fogging windows is a common problem that is familiar to many owners of substandard windows or those who have long been commissioned. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that there is a difference in temperature between the microclimate of the room and the temperature outside the window. Since it is always warmer inside the room, moisture from the air begins to settle on the panes, thereby causing misting. The nature of this phenomenon is extremely simple; however, it is possible to get rid of it only in case of ensuring complete sealing of the windows. If you understand exactly how and because of what the windows of your windows mist up, then it will be enough to eliminate this phenomenon.

In winter, the glass sweat much more intensively, and all this happens due to the accumulation of a large number of snow masses near the windows. When they begin to melt, the moisture is not removed anywhere, it begins to affect the windows. If the seals of the double-glazed windows are damaged due to wear, the inert gas will simply evaporate, and the windows will start to fog up, the heat retention functions will be significantly disturbed. In this case, you can replace the sealing gum, as well as check the glass for tightness. The latter can only be restored in the factory, so you cannot do without the help of specialists if you are interested in resolving the problem for a long time.


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