Wooden windows are better than plastic?

Many people periodically face the need to replace windows with modern counterparts, but they have no idea how to understand the variety of the available range.

Replacing windows is good because it allows you to get the most out of their performance, compared to repairing old ones. Often the choice has to be made between wooden windows and their plastic counterparts, but which ones are best to install? The bottom line is that both options have characteristic advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to make your choice based on your individual preferences. It is important to initially determine what effect you want to achieve. For example, update the exterior of the house, make it more comfortable, or simply replace the windows because of the failure of the old ones.

Plastic windows and their features

Plastic windows are made of polyvinyl chloride and first appeared on the world market in the seventies. They became the main competitor of windows made of natural wood and firmly rooted in their positions, taking advantage of the demand among consumers to date. Statistics show that plastic windows compete well with wooden counterparts today. An important reason for the popularity is the availability in terms of the cost of these products. A number of brands evaluate their products fairly cheaply, so consumers prefer plastic windows.

Practice shows that such structures lose in terms of durability counterparts from natural wood. Some of them can serve more than twenty years. I must admit that buying a good plastic window can save a lot of money, as they are famous for good tightness, and the cost of heating will drop significantly. Energy-saving properties of this product are quite well pronounced. Another advantage is that plastic windows practically do not require maintenance; they do not have to be constantly cleaned or tinted.

Natural wood windows

Wooden windows cannot fail to bribe their beauty and durability. If these criteria are important to you, then you should choose this type of design. The interior will immediately change as soon as the windows of natural material are installed inside the room. Practice shows that many designers choose wooden windows for the reason that they immediately form a comfortable atmosphere inside the room. Many manufacturers of these products provide a warranty of up to fifty years, so the windows are really very durable and wear-resistant. Consumers do not face ongoing maintenance and repair work and can really forget about it for decades. It is because of its reliability that wood windows are still in enviable demand. Much depends on the particular tree from which the products are produced, how the raw materials were processed. In general, quality also plays an important role.

If you cannot decide on the type of windows, then you need to analyze your priorities and choose a decent option for yourself. When you need to save well, but to replace windows, it is recommended to give preference to plastic windows. If you want to make the interior rich, as well as buy durable windows that do not cause problems, then you should make a choice in favor of wooden models.


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