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For commercial windows and doors we offer a variety of glass option with different tints. It can be also tempered or laminated for additional strength and safety.

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  • Commercial Glass Repair Service Review
  • Commercial Glass Repair Service Review
  • Commercial Glass Repair Service Review
  • Commercial Glass Repair Service Review
  • Commercial Glass Repair Service Review
Commercial Glass Repair Service company
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Get The Top-Quality Service with the Longest Warranty on the Market!

For damaged commercial windows and doors we offer top quality safety glass, both tempered and laminated! 

What Is Commercial Glass Repair?

Windows are integral elements of modern residential, office and retail space. Their task is to provide the interior space with sufficient air and daylight. At the same time, window structures are designed to trap street noises, and in the cold months of the year to keep the room warm. Properly installed double-glazed windows can serve their owners for decades, subject to proper care and regular professional maintenance. Accordingly, the need for repair work often arises in the event of a violation of the operating rules or excessive loads on window structures (for example, in offices where the sashes are often opened, opened for vertical ventilation and closed). Intensive work leads to rapid wear and tear of components and their failure.

Main difficulties of window owners

Most often, there are following problems:

  • the appearance of drafts. This defect occurs in the event of wear of the seals or clamping fittings, a violation of the tightness of the seams, and improper installation.
  • cracking of the glass unit. The only possible solution to this problem is to replace the glass unit;
  • difficulty closing the window sashes. The cause of malfunctions is usually the sagging of the sash, worn out or out of order fittings.

What Causes Damage To Commercial Glass?

High and large buildings are known for one important characteristic - they stretch far into the sky. At this altitude, wind, rain, sun and temperatures are more extreme and can easily damage glass panels and windows. Storms are more intense and wind pressure is stronger, so glass breakage is more likely.

Sometimes certain situations arise that really could not have been fully prepared or avoided. Maintenance workers can accidentally hit the glass during operation, causing it to crack, and it is not uncommon for a bird to crash into the glass, causing damage to the glass.

When cracks are found, it is important to repair them immediately. Otherwise, they will grow rapidly, but chips can create weak points that will only get worse. It is also very important to keep the windows clean. Not so much for aesthetic reasons. Dirt can weigh down windows. Dots on glass that are covered in dirt are more prone to cracking and shattering.

Basic glass types used in commercial buildings:

  1. Gas-filled
  2. Single pane
  3. Double pane
  4. Tinted
  5. Tempered
  6. Crack-resistant
  7. Impact-resistant 
  8. Reflective
  9. Bulletproof

Glazing in a commercial building can be single, double and combined (the lower part is double glazed, and the upper part is single).

How to maintanence commercial glass in the best way

Windows must be strong and durable. Regular maintenance and repair of glass structures in high-rise buildings is required.

Regular commercial glass window washing is good for general window care and maintenance. The more often the glass gets cleaned the more opportunities there are to do inspections and catch minor issues and concerns before they become major problems. Timely diagnostics, carried out by experienced specialists, will allow you to identify problems in time, make minor repairs to windows and avoid more serious problems associated with large financial losses.

Commercial Glazing Solutions from perfectional expert

During operation, difficulties in use may arise. Such as mashing, poor clamping, or even the mechanism is out of order. The specialists of the Okna Service company will help you to eliminate them. In order to prevent global breakdowns in the window mechanisms, you need to periodically carry out service. That will eliminate significant costs for repairs and restoration, as well as significantly extend the service life of your windows. Repair and service work, our masters carry out quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price! Compliance with deadlines, excellent guarantees, pleasant prices, high quality products - we know what to offer you and are ready to glaze a balcony in Kiev on pleasant terms.

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People Questions

  • Does it make sense to repair commercial glass?

    Commercial glass can definitely be fixed so that you can avoid whole structure replacement. Professional glass replacement is the important way to keep your commercial property in the best condition.
  • How to deal with fogged commercial glass?

    The proper solution in order to eliminate fog from your commercial glass is glass replacement. New glass unit will be the way to return your windows into working order.
  • How to fix cracks on commercial glass?

    Having a need to fix cracks on commercial glass, you should count on trustworthy company. Experienced team will be able to help you in no time.
  • How to repair broken seal on commercial glass?

    If you are looking for broken seal repair for commercial glass, the best way is glass replacement. When the seal is damaged, it causes your windows or doors to reduce their energy efficiency.
  • What causes commercial glass to fog up?

    When the glass gets fogged, it means the seal is broken, In this case you would need to replace the glass in order to get your windows or doors back into working condition.
  • How can I tell if commercial glass is fogged?

    Fogged glass is always a visible issue. If you can see condensation in-between the panes, this means your glass has fogged up.
  • Where can I get the help for my commercial glass to be repaired?

    Having a business, you want it to run its best. When a glass breaks, it should be replaced as soon as possible by a qualified craftsman.
  • What causes damage to commercial glass?

    Commercial glass may get damaged because of stress factors, such as temporary changes or pressure of other structure components.
  • When to repair commercial glass?

    In case your commercial glass is cracked or completely damaged and has broken seal, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible in order for your business to run its best.
  • What type of glass is best for commercial properties?

    Business owners usually use safety glass to make the commercial property secure. Among main safety glass types are laminated and tempered glass.
  • How to address any cracks in commercial glass as soon as possible?

    Having a need to address the cracks in commercial glass in no time, it is best contacting professionals. Thanks to their experience, they are able to repair glass properly and promptly.

Why and When to Get Commercial Glass Repair

When running a business, be sure that the branding of your company is on point. Achieving this takes work in a few aspects – aesthetics of your office and other possible buildings included. We, Argo Window Company, know this for a fact.

We believe that big windows with clean glass go beyond that just enhancing the looks of the building. They create an impression of clarity and larger space which transitions to people’s mind as a message that this company worth at least checking it. Namely – huge glass that plays a role in a showcase, functioning not to just allow a light inside, but to demonstrate people what do you do. And this can be referred not only to goods-selling companies – you can show people the products of your services etc.

Yet windows need maintenance – or they tend to wear and tear, look foggy and shabby. Worse things that can happen – accident breakages of different parts of windows for different reasons – misusing and deterioration just to name a few. It makes glass to crack, frame and sill to come out of the wall – pretty bad aesthetics for a commercial building, right? All of this points us to a solution – commercial glass repair.

Benefits of Commercial Glass Repair

We – Argo – can name you several good reasons for getting a commercial glass repair. Look for ways to improve your company success:

  1. Low energy bills sums. Non-maintained windows can get foggy – this raises the expenses of artificial lightning, and why would you use it more if there is plenty of sunlight outside? Plus, cracked or windows with broken sealing make you pay more for heating to overcome drafts, and two-unit panes with a lot of moisture in between raising the conditioner electricity check.
  2. Improving employee comfort. In top floor-offices, there is a strong need for fresh air – it improves staff moral conditions because living or working high above the ground is linked with bigger chances of getting depression. Light and working windows can increase productivity in your company.
  3. Better visual aesthetics. When you have a poor glass situation, your commercial property starts looking unpleasing, because windows are eyes of a building.
  4. Security increase. Tight glass can protect you from a lot of things happening outside starting with projectiles and excessive warmth and finishing with burglars’ impact.

Speaking of window repair work– remember:

Beforehand to estimate the cost of their restoration on a turn-key basis - it will definately be cheaper, faster and less truoublesome than installation of new windows.

Ordering Commercial Glass Repair

To solve pretty much any window situation, order a professional company service. Be sure to check wisely!

Commercial glass repair and replacement
Commercial glass repair and replacement

Choosing Commercial Glass Repair Company

To choose a company that suits your needs, look at their prices, location, services, portfolio, client feedback, expertise and experience levels. People of Wisconsin and Illinois – visit us, Argo! Our main benefit besides those described above is:

10-year seal failure guarantee


Commercial glass repair
Commercial glass repair


Leave a request and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home! Order a specialist visit for free