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Laminated glass is commonly used for many commercial properties. We offer a wide selection of colors and sizes to meet the need of all our customers!

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  • Laminated Glass Repair Review
  • Laminated Glass Repair Review
  • Laminated Glass Repair Review
  • Laminated Glass Repair Review
  • Laminated Glass Repair Review
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Laminated safety glass is a composition of several parts of ordinary or tempered glass (two or more) by heat treatment in a special oven or by vacuum lamination. Laminated glass belongs to the group of protective and safety glasses, which are distinguished by the most perfect protective properties. The high level of safety of laminated glass and its excellent consumer properties are largely due to the advantages of its manufacturing technology.

What privileges can be obtained by having laminated windows

The most distinctive advantage of laminated glass is its security against burglary and environmental threats such as tornadoes or hurricanes. If the glass is hit hard, one side of the glass may break without causing the other to shatter. Even if the glass breaks on both sides, the pieces will stay together, resulting in a spider web pattern. In the event of the destruction of laminated glass, the polymer retains the fragments, does not allow them to scatter and cause injury and injury to people inside and outside the room or vehicle. This feature radically distinguishes such glass from ordinary glass, when destroyed, sharp glass fragments fly to the sides, posing a danger to the life and health of people nearby. Additional advantages of laminated glass are that it has good sound insulation and blocks 97% of UV radiation. Moreover, this type of glass is characterized by high chemical resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance.

Application of laminated glass

The purpose of translucent structures made of laminated safety glass is distinguished by the maximum variety. Double-glazed windows with such glasses are used for glazing (external and internal) buildings of any purpose: from residential apartment buildings and suburban elite cottages to office commercial, military and specialized facilities - greenhouses, winter gardens. In addition to the manufacture of windows and doors, such glass is used for office partitions, interior items, stairs. As already mentioned, such designs are also in demand to protect people and property from armed attack and burglary. Laminated glass is often used for tall building windows, skylights, balconies and railings. Homeowners who live close to an airport or golf course often ask for laminated glass.

When should you choose laminated glass?

In accordance with the possibilities of its application, you should get laminated glass if:

  • you have a physical security threat you want to protect against.
  • you want to secure against environmental threats such as tornadoes.
  • you are in very noisy conditions – near major intersections, airports.

Where you can get the best options

When thinking about laminated windows for your home, remember that this solution will keep you safe. If you are looking for experienced professionals to get help choosing, installing or replacing windows, feel free to contact ARGO Glass & Windows and you definitely won't go wrong.


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People Questions

  • What are the benefits of laminated glass?

    Laminated glass is extremely safe and strong. It provides UV protection and it is hard to break.
  • What is laminated glass?

    Laminated glass is a safety glass, which used when security is a concern.
  • What are the advantages of installing laminated glass?

    Laminated glass leads to enhanced security and improved energy efficiency.
  • Does laminated glass crack?

    Laminated glass is a type of strong glass. If it breaks, you can see that it holds in place and does not break up into large shards.
  • How is laminated glass made?

    Laminated glass is two plies of glass that are bonded together.
  • What is laminated glass used for?

    Laminated glass is used when safety is a concern. The most common use is skylights.

Reflective Window Glass

This type is also called privacy glass. Not that they increase aesthetics – they also protect insides from other’s eyes.

Reflective glass benefits:

  1. Can be colorful.
  2. Visual protection – it makes a space to be much comfortable and safe.
  3. The Sun still can get in – you can actually choose how much of light you want to let in when choosing tint intensity.
  4. Fancy, dynamic aesthetics – building reflects clouds, rainbow etc.
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