Can fogged windows be repaired?


Modern windows are striking in their durability and good quality, but in practice and with them there are problems.

Condensation or condensation is one of the most common problems related to windows from different manufacturers. Even products of famous brands are not without flaws, and sometimes even high-quality windows cause inconvenience due to violations of their installation technology.

You can have full confidence that the windows will serve for a long time, if timely carry out preventive and diagnostic work. The appearance of fogging on the windows is the first sign that not everything is all right with them. This can be determined by various signs. For example, windows from sweat depressurization sweat - it happens most often. There may also be poor indoor air circulation, a large temperature difference in the room and outside. To get rid of window fogging, you first need to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

What to do when windows are fogging?

If you see that the window is fogging, you need to start looking for the cause of this phenomenon. Most often the problem lies in the depressurization of the structure. For example, sealing rubber bands may crack and air from the street will begin to penetrate inside the house. In this case, condensate will accumulate on the glass. In this situation, only the replacement of sealing gum will help. They are not a deficiency, so you can always contact a specialized company so that the masters can arrive at the facility and replace the seals. This service is priced cheaply, and raw materials are almost always available. If the reason is covered in this damage, then after a couple of tens of minutes the windows will be restored to their original technical condition.

The main thing is that the new seals should be of decent quality, and no mistakes should be made during the installation, otherwise condensation will continue to form on the panes.

It so happens that a small layer of gas between them becomes the reason for the fogging of glass packs consisting of two glasses. Due to this, the temperature between the room and the environment is not compensated, and the moisture condenses on the glass. One can get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon only by replacing the double-glazed windows with new ones, which will differ in higher quality from their predecessors.

Poor hardware is another cause of fogging. If the sash windows are not tightly closed, then there will be drafts, provoking fogging. You can get rid of the problem by installing a new, better hardware. To do this, you should contact a specialized company and order this service. Fortunately, it is inexpensive, and accessories in such companies are always available from different manufacturers, so there will be no problem with the choice. If you are not specialists in modern windows, then you should call specialists for diagnostics. This will save you money and time.

When you need to eliminate the fogging of windows, you should not act on their own. You can spend a lot of money and time to buy accessories, seals, double-glazed windows, as well as installation of all these things. If the installation technology is violated, then there is no guarantee that fogging will disappear. Perhaps, until this time, the problem lay in such design flaws, or rather its installation on the object. Fogging of windows can be avoided if the windows are in good technical condition, installed according to technology, as well as in the presence of modern maintenance work.

We recommend calling specialists from time to time to assess the condition of the windows, and if necessary, replace those or other structural elements. This approach to the care of the windows will significantly extend their operational life!

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